What do you do if an alien abducts you?

Try and remain calm. Any one with the science to travel all those light years probably does not wish to kill for the heck of it. They may be curious and wish to learn how to communicate, or get information about how our bodies work.

If they are going to hurt you, they will no matter what you do. But if they weren't intending it, then certainly don't fight back, or they may hurt you in that case. Your best odds of survival are remaining calm, and attempting to learn about them as much as you can.

What do they look like, do they communicate audily with each other, how many are there, what do their machines look like, etc. This information could be invaluable to us if they release you.

If they manage to teach you their language, all the better. Act confident, calm and unafraid. This may give them the impression that Earth is stronger than they think and deter them from trying to attack us.

Don't act the hostage, act as if you a guest, and they may go along with it. They are also more likely to release you if they think that you don't take what they did as a hostile act that would warrant retaliation.

If this is a Star Trek type scenario, do not harm the rest of Earth by giving them your opinion that we aren't ready for them! Lord knows how many opportunities we've missed that way, lol!

From all the books wrote on it, you may wish to try to pretend that our religions regard our bodies as sacred, this may forestall any of the infamous "probes" that get wrote about so often. Or at least cause them to put you to sleep first!

Finally, see if they'll give out the secret of their star drive, or at least listen closely to anything they do say about it. Any type of comment could be crucial to our scientists, to let them know which direction to pursue.