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An engine computer does not cause a misfire but merely reports it. The misfire is probably caused by the ignition coil or plug wires

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Q: What do you do if an engine computer is misfiring?
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Why is misfiring of the engine monitored?

why would it no be

What would cause a 1997 Saturn to jerk when going up hilss.?

Typically when the engine misfires it will feel like jerking. Find out why the engine is misfiring; run a computer diagnostic test and the computer should reveal the answer.

Why misfiring petrol injection engine?

Misfiring on a petrol injection engine is caused due to incorrect ignition timing. As the engine rotates, the timing determines when each piston fires or ignites.

When does a car emit the most pollution?

When the engine is cold or when it is misfiring.

Car engine misfiring through carburetor?

Check your engine timing, it may be too slow.

Engine codes p0301 p0304 on Toyota Sienna?

Engine cylinders # 1 and # 4 are misfiring

What causes a car to jump when it is idle?

Timing belt. misfiring engine

What does it mean when the check engine light is flashing on and off on a 98 Millenia?

The flashing check engine light means there is one or more cylinder misfires occuring.Have the codes pulled from the computer to determine which cylinder(s) are misfiring.

Check engine light flashing with code 305 on 1998 f150?

The number 5 engine cylinder is misfiring

What causes misfiring on f-150 5.4liter engine?

Bad plugs/coil/wiring

How is a crankshaft position sensor used to monitor misfiring?

by sensing engine RPM it can teel if engine is not running smooth by sensing the rotation of the rpm's of the engine.

A misfiring or very poorly tuned engine COULD cause permanent damage to?

The catalytic converter

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