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What do you do if consent to give care or support is not given?


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May 12, 2012 4:20PM

My first question, which does effect the answer I give, has to do with where did this occur? Was this in the hospital setting, or was this in the doctor's office?

if it was in the hospital setting, then I would immediately call the compliance officer or the director over patient complaints. All hospitals have these departments that accept patient complaints, they have a timeline to investigate and get back to you a response. it is usually within 20 days of the complaint being made.

if this occurred in the doctors office/private practice - and the insurance company was billed for the services that you did not consent too, then i would file a report with either the insurance commissioner or with the insurance company directly in that they should not be billed for services you did not agree to have. these are two ways to tackle this odd and complicated issue as a consumer.

i hope this helps,.