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Find where it is leaking, and repair the leak, adding "Stop-leak" will possibly work, but may create more problems by doing so. If you can't find the leak, take it in for repair.

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2005-08-25 09:31:52
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Q: What do you do if coolant is leaking coolant your 95 MX 6 V6?
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Why would there be coolant leaking into the oil in a 1995 Gran am?

I'm assuming your grand am has a 3400 v6 which are known for intake and head gaskets leaking. so its possible that one of those gaskets are leaking so bad that coolant is leaking from intake/heads down onto your valvetrain and then down into your oil pan. more than likely its your intake gaskets leaking.

1995 Toyota Camry V6 is leaking coolant and the heater is not blowing hot air?

Coolent leaks from pasenger side of engine.

Coolant leaks from the left side of my engine on my 2000 olds intrigue and its not the hoses or radiatior where could it be leaking from?

it is a big possibility it is leaking from your water pump. i have a 2001 intrigue 3.5l twin cam v6 leaking from the waterpump, and am currently replacing it as i type this.

Where near crank pulley on 1990 Toyota V6 24 valve 4 cam engine be leaking coolant?

water pump .(gasket,intake,hose)

Would a mx-6 v6 transmission fit a 4 cylinder mx-6 engine?

no it will not

S10 coolant inside car I have a 1989 Chevrolet S-10 pick up 4.3 V6. I Discovered a lot of coolant inside the car on the passanger sise What is the problem?

Heater core is leaking and needs replacement

What could be leaking coolant under the plantum on a 97 mercury cougar rx-7 V6?

It could be several things. Check the water pump and radiator first.

Where is the water pump for 95 grand am V6?

On the front left of the engine beside the coolant bottle..Belt driven but on the smooth side not the grooved (of the belt).

Overheating Oldsmobile alero?

Many things can cause the car to overheat. 1. Low coolant caused by leaking hoses, water pump, intake manifold on v6 engine. 2. Bad headgasket on v6 engine causing coolant to overflow out of the reservoir jug. 3. Stuck thermostat. - TechJK ETC. -----------------------------------

What cars other than Mazda does this 2.5 v6 engine fit?

ford probe,mazda 626,mazda mx-3,mx-6,929(kl v6 2.5l )

There is oil in my radiator in my 02 Chevrolet Monte Carlo but it doesn't overheat What wrong with it?

Check to see if there is coolant on the engine block. It is common for the Monte Carlos, along with other GM cars equipped with the 3400 V6 engine to experience leaking intake manifold gaskets. A leaking intake manifold will cause oil to leak into the coolant system and even worse, for coolant to leak into the oil system.

What could be the cause of a coolant leak on the back of the engine on a lumina 97 so that the coolant seeps down through the side of the transmission pan?

This sounds like a common problem with the 3.1L and 3.4L v6 of the lower intake manifold leaking. TechJK ----------------------

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