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Send a registered letter to the creditors stating name of Attorney and firm, Mailing address, phone number, case #. Without this info, the creditors have no way of knowing what is truth. It is a common line. They need this info for your records and account. Your attorney should have done this and made this clear to you for your peace of mind. You can call with this info as well. Just telling them Chapt. 7 or you have an attorney isn't enough. If after mailing, immediate with call, and you get calls from a collection agency, they are now At Fault. The dc/supervisor knows better; they have all the necessary info now. The dc will fill out an AR form; attorney referral. This is what the info is for. It gets turned in to the floor supervisor, which in turn is delivered by hand to the CA's {collection agency} Attorney. Your Attorney should have already informed the CA. Your phone # should and will be immedialty blocked/removed from the dialer. You may receive a letter stating they now have this info and what your rights are. In terms of the actual creditor, Im not sure. To many laws and states. Talk to your Attorney.

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Q: What do you do if creditors are hounding you but you don't have the money and you have already had a chapter seven?
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Money from creditors when you file chapter 13?

go to they have a lot of information about bankruptcies.

When a bankruptcy case is dismissed for missed payments what happens to the money already paid into the plans?

If the court has already confirmed the chapter 13 plan then the money already paid is distributed to the creditors. Basically, since the case was not discharged, you still owe the debt, so you made payments towards the debt while in bankruptcy. If the plan was not yet confirmed by the court, the money is returned to the debtor by the trustee save for a small amount for the trustee's expenses (trustee would ask for this in his motion to dismiss). Money would not be distributed to creditors by the trustee until after the proposed chapter 13 plan is confirmed.

Can any of your creditors get your inheritance money if you did a chapter 7?

Only if you didn't read chapters 1-6.

How likely is it that the court will approve the purchase of a new home during a chapter 13 bankruptcy?

It depends on how the home purchase will impact your creditors. If you you payment will be doing up, then you will have less money paid to your creditors under the Chapter 13 plan. On the other hand, you might get approval if the purchase won't lower the amount of money creditors would receive under the plan.

Why creditors would be interested in the balance sheet of a business?

Creditors are interested in balance sheet to check that how much money company has already taken as a loan from other creditors and how much assets are pledged and will company be able to return credit or not.

If your chapter 13 was dismissed how can you find out which creditors were paid off with the money that was paid to the trustee?

After the entry of the dismissal, the Chapter 13 trusee will send you a final accounting of how much was paid to each creditor.

What happens to the money you did pay to chapter 13 trustee and could not keep up payments?

They are considered "lost", you will not get that money back, but your debt to the individual creditors will be reduced by what they had received in 13 BK.

Can you withdraw from a 401K without consequence while in chapter 7 bankruptcy in Washington State?

NO, and you shouldnt. Pension and 401 accounts are out of reach of creditors. If you are to withdraw from your 401, that money would be subject to seizure by the trustee to pay off your creditors.

People you borrow money from are your?


What is the creditors?

money owed by the company

What if you can't go chapter 7?

File chapter 13. You'll pay a set amount of money to the court each month. It will be divided among your creditors. I think you only pay for four years but that might be wrong.

What is the difference between Sundry debtors And Sundry Creditors?

Sundry Debtors are from whom we have to take money and to sundry creditors we owe money.

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