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What do you do if none of your accessories work on your 2000 toyota Corolla and your fuses in the main box are good?


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Scrap the car and buy a new one.

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The fuses in a Toyota Corolla 2000 are for various components of the car. For instance, the fuses power the windshield wipers, the radio, the power windows, and the power seats.

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how much engine coolant dosee a 2000 toyota corolla hold

The 2000 Toyota Corolla uses a timing chain and normally requires no maintenance.

The starter is located on the front of the engine of the 2000 Toyota Corolla. It is placed on top of the transmission housing.

check this out for the details

The average cost to paint a 2000 Toyota Corolla will depend on the shop you go to. Most places charge around $1,600, average.

The fuses for 2000 Toyota Sienna is located in the engine compartment. The fuses are labeled as slot 12 and 13 and are rated at 15 amps.

yes u can I've done it but i have a high idle issue if the car is in park or neutral.

Actually, I believe all 2000 and up models have chains. I checked for our 2000 Corolla on Rockauto, and a chain comes up. This is what is stated on Toyota discussion sites.

2000 VE base models do not come with a factory installed tachometer.

you atke it to pep boys where they do it for cheap

In my 2000 Toyota Corolla CE fuse for the radio is located at the back side of the radio, you need to pull out the radio and you will see the fuse on the back side of it between wires

Check the bulbs first, I've seen where both burn out and you can be lead to believe you have an electrical problem.

It is located on the hump under the console near the firewall.

Hi, It's a VVTi motor! It has 1,4cc and 1,6cc editions!

I would like to see Corolla 2000 engine diagrammatically, possibly in different angels; break-downs.

My 2000 Corolla definitely has a timing CHAIN. I don't recall what year, but it has been awhile since they have used belts.

The correct spark plug gap for a 2000 Toyota Corolla is .043 inches. Most spark plugs are pre-gapped, but its best to check before installation.

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