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Brackets are usually attached to the wire by a very short rubber band. Cut the rubber band and save the bracket. So see the Orthodontist to put it back. If you have orthodontic wax, put it on top of any loose brackets about to fall off. This will keep the brackets in place until they can be properly replaced.

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Q: What do you do if one of your brackets comes off the tooth but it is still on the wire?
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How do they take out wires of braces?

they take the ties which are the colorful rubberbands around the brackets and the wire comes out the bands is what holds the wire in your mouth and on the middle of every bracket

What are the negatives of keeping a baby tooth that doesn't have a permanent tooth coming in behind it when the person has braces on?

I used to have braces and faced the same problem. Instead of putting a bracket on that baby tooth, they justleave the wire that connects the brackets near the top of the tooth. After you lose the baby tooth and the new one growns in, a bracket will be glued on.

When you get braces do you get the wire the same day as the brackets?

yes, well at least that is for me, my friends, and my sister. I got my braces 3 days ago and after they were done putting on my brackets, they let me rinse out my mouth, then they fit the wire to my mouth and put the colored bands on. If you didn't get the wire the same day as the brackets, there is no point of even wearing the brackets because the wire is what applies the pressure to the brackets and makes your teeth move. Hope that helps! :) good luck if ur getting

How are braces attached to the teeth?

The actual brackets are fixed on with a very strong (but not permanent) glue. The wire is clipped in to these brackets.

Where are the rubber bands located on braces?

THeir located on the brackets with the little wire dealy connected to it

What can strands of wire be used for when it comes to survival?

The surgical wire strands can be used when it comes to survival.

'How do braces straiten your teeth'?

The wire connected to the brackets shift your teeth into the shape of the wire. Thats why it hurts after the othodontist fixes them every 2 months

What is a brace for your tooth?

'Braces' are pieces of metal (called brackets) which are fixed onto your teeth. They are connected by a metal wire running through them. Braces are used by orthodontics and are fixed onto teeth. The brackets and the wire put pressure on the teeth and move them into being in the perfect, straight position, leaving you with perfect straight teeth! every six weeks or so the orthodontist will tighten the wire on the braces (roughly six weeks is how long it takes for teeth to move into their new positions) and this will gradually move the teeth into the correct positon. -

What is plate earthing?

the wire comes from 3metre deapth from the ground is called earthing. the wire comes from the plate to the ground

What do they do when they put braces on your top teeth?

the clean your teeth then very carefully put a dab of glue on your tooth and pop the bracket on. Then after all the teeth have brackets on the zap the teeth with a blue light to dry they glue. After that they make you rinse your mouth and pop the wire in tighten it and your done.

What are the chemical and physical properties of dental braces?

Physical: malleability of the wire Density of the brackets Chemical: they are non toxic

Where does the wire come from in an electrical circuit?

The wire comes from the installer or manufacturer of the circuit.

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