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I had same problem. I replaced the connector and wire tail as there was a crack in the connector where the bulb connects to the wires. Before you replace this try to clean the contacts for the bulb. I suggest buying this part from a salvage (if you have to)in case this does not fix the problem, most places will not take electrical parts back. Good luck! By the way, Mine was the passenger side which I was told is common in that year.

Answerthe connector idea is great. you can be sure of the bulb by switching it with the one that works. AnswerCheck the interior fuse panel. Some vehicles use a separate fuse for each headlight.
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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 10:19:03
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Q: What do you do if only one head light works on a 1997 Ford Explorer and you already replaced the bulb?
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umm cake ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That is your air bag readiness light , it comes on momentarily when you start the Explorer to make sure the light works. If the light continues to stay on or continues to flash , the air bag system is malfunctioning - TAKE IT IN FOR REPAIR (Helpfull)

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