What do you do if someone on the local Board of Education is giving you a hard time about homeschooling your child?


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Getting the Board off Your Back

Depending on which State you are in there are laws which protect your rights..We home school through Christian Liberty and they have their own lawyers..I would suggest calling yours for information about the laws in your state..Lots of times its against the law for them to come in to your home or harass you..I just moved to Georgia from Texas and the laws here are a little more strict but as long as I submit an attendance log and teach at least 4 hours a day for 180 days, they can't touch me! I say call and ask for legal help... Hope you find this helpful and are able to teach your children the way YOU see fit!

  • In addition, keep good records, go by all the rules for your state, and try to find a homeschooling group near you for more support.
AnswerWhen I was homeschooling my children, I found that, quite often, people affiliated with the public school system were actually very misinformed about the laws regarding homeschooled children and were trying to force compliance with 'rules' that were not actually law. Please check on the regulations for homeschooling in your state as they can vary tremendously from state to state. Once you are familiar with the laws governing homeschooling in your state, you can begin to educate your public school administrators as to the facts regarding teaching at home.

Also, you may want to examine what they are sending you. Just to be on the safe side, make sure that you are following the laws, and providing adequate curriculum for your child. I have home schooled for several years, and seen people on both ends of the spectrum. Some were doing everything they were supposed to, and then some. Then others were claiming to be harassed, but were actually not properly managing their home school program. Either way, it doesn't hurt to talk to attorney to make sure you are covered legally, and to an educator to make sure your curriculum is everything it should be.


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You will need to contact your state's education board to find out what the guidelines are for homeschooling. After that there are several cyber schools that will help you with your curriculum.

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Your local School Board of Education will have an extensive list of requirements. You can also check out your local library for a hard copy book with requirements. Homeschooling is a great form of education and your kids can learn a lot!

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Scarborough Board of Education was created in 1954.

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If you or someone you know is looking to contact the Illinois State Board of Education (IBSE), dial (217) 557-6763. If long distance is an issue, the official website has a contact board where you can leave your question, comment or concern.

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