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What do you do if the dashboard lights do not work in a 1992 Honda Civic?

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This happened to my car a couple months ago. There was something wrong with the wand that turns on the lights (you twist it to get lights on, push it up or down to signal left or right turn lights), by turning it on or off when twisting the wand it eventually came on when the wand was set at between 'on' and 'off ' position - a hard place to get the wand to stick on. Another thing to do is check the light setting dial. Mine was set at low initially, but to get the thing to work had to dial to brightest light position. Interestingly, when the dash lights were off, so were the rear tail lights. No one could figure out what I was complaining about with the rear lights and dash because they tested the wand and light intensity dial and then magically all was well again after these were adjusted and messed with.

2007-08-07 19:32:33
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