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"You need a new power window motor regulator."

Yes... Or TRY the no cost option:

Sit in vehicle with legs in vehicle, ignition key ON.

Open door,

Window switch pressed for desired travel,

keep holding it while SLAM door hard,

enjoy your functioning power window again.

Repeat as necessary.

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โˆ™ 2011-04-05 19:17:58
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Q: What do you do if the driver's side power window on a 2001 Dodge Caravan will go down but not up?
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How do you fix the cable inside the drivers door to the power window of a 1997 dodge caravan?

replace window regulator assembly.

2003 Dodge Caravan power window motor replacement?

how to replace power window motor for 2003 dodge grand caravan? how to remove side panel dodge caravan 2003?

How do you repair a drivers side power window of a 2001 dodge caravan which has fallen into the door?

Remove the inside door panel. The entire power window mechanism will be visible. Put the window back onto the window track.

Power window repairs on my Dodge truck The pass door will not work from the pass door but will work from the drivers door?

dodge truck power window mmotor not running and window falls down

Why does the passenger window on my Dodge Caravan go down but will only go up sometimes Its not the switch because it does the same whether you try the drivers side panel or passenger?

Probably a weak power window motor or the window regulator is starting to act up

When did dodge caravan start making the power rear windows?

The power window in the sliding door came with the 2008 model year.

Where is the power window motors located in the dodge caravan 1999?

inside the doors. you have to remove the inside door panels

What do you do if the driver's side power window on a 2001 Dodge Caravan will go down but not up and replacing the power motor doesn't solve problem?

You probably have a bad window master switch

Where is totally integrated power module in a 2008 dodge grand caravan?

Under the hood, right next to the battery on the drivers side.

How do you close the back vent window on the dodge caravan?

To close the back vent window on the Dodge Caravan look for a small handle that looks like a bent arm and rotate the arm until the window is closed. Some Dodge Caravans have power rear vent windows that can be closed by pressing a button on the driver's side door panel.

Power window relay on a 2004 dodge stratus?

where is the power window relay on a 2004 dodge stratus

Where is the fan relay on a 1988 Dodge Grand Caravan?

Look in the power distribution box (Black Box) located under the hood drivers side.

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