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let her know it hurt your feelings and ask her if she really did want to go out, you would. see what she says...Good Luck!

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Who is dating Justin bierber?

i think the Selena Gomez chick i think he should not date no 1 because he is to busy for a girl..................................... i looked and it said no i asked him joking the website of him

What does it mean if a girl asks if you have asked another girl to a dance?

It could mean that they are wondering if you have asked another girl because they want to go with you and im a girl so this is what im thinking.

How do you put revulsion in a sentence?

I felt revulsion because that girl looked gross.

Is there any auditions for an 11 year old girl in hollyoaks?

no because im 11 and im trying to audition to but i have looked and there arnt any at the moment.

Does my guy best friend like me because when his friend asked him were we dating he didnt say anything he just put his arm around me and looked at me Does He like more than the friendship we have?

well he might. or he might just be jealous because his friend has a girl but not him.

Is josefina the most popular historical American girl doll?

Yes she is because I asked American girl myself

Is Morgan page a boy or girl?

I think Morgan page is a girl because in his/her songs he/she sounds like a girl but you can't be sure I have looked on wikipedia but it doesn't say

Do you have to find all the cattle on wild west island?

yes because the girl asked you to

Will a girl ever get asked out if guys only ask her out because they were dared to ask her out?


What actors and actresses appeared in Brain Zapped - 2006?

The cast of Brain Zapped - 2006 includes: Selena Gomez as Emily Grace Garcia Emily Grace Garcia as Hologram Girl Haley Hill as Haley Garcia Lewis Parry as Kingston

What are unique ways to answer a girl yes to a dance?

"only if you want me to" (which is an obvious yes because she asked)

A girl 4 years older than me asked me to dance why?

because she wanted to dance! That is all!

What should I do when I like this guy because he is so cute and funny?

if a girl asked this just ditch him and hook up with me. if a guy asked this then go die in a well

I asked the girl that I love who do you love she told me no one stop?

This is because she probally isn't in love with anyone.

What happend when Sophie looked into the mirror?

I girl looked back at her, and winked with both eyes........

Is a girl desperate if a girl ask a guy out?

No way! They wouldnt be desperate just because they asked a boy out. If you like a guy then whats the point in hiding it?

How many kids did Sacagawea had?

2 kids 1 boy and 1 girl I know that's right because i looked it up she had 1 boy and 1 girl

Can you bring an our generation doll to an American girl store?

YES! In fact you can bring anykind of doll to the american girl store and it does not have to be an American Girl* store! I know this because I asked the American Girl* Company

What is a good book week character for a girl?

Neytiri from avatar because my friend dressed up as her and she looked CRAZY GOOD!

How do you get a girl to like you over text even if she doesn't like you yet?

Look i have dated 2 people because i was friendly and kind and be yourself compliment her and tell her u looked nice today also dont do cheesy stories and i got asked today just for complimenting her

What if Leo looked a boy is he a girl?

A boy

A girl asked you out for dinner how do you know she likes you?

Just the fact she asked you out

What do you do if a girl asked a boy out?

get over it cos who cares which gender asked

What do you do if you asked out a girl and she says no because she's still getting over her old boyfriend?

Just give the girl some time then when she is ready, shes ready!

Is Hulk Hogan a man?

Technically, no. He was born a girl with girl parts, but also had a penis. They decided it was best to say he's a man, because he looked more like one.

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