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If a mother guinea pig will not ley it's baby nurse, there must a good reason for it. Usally it's because you have touched the guinea pig at birst or some point when your not suppose to. It happends to all animals mostly. If so, you should talk to your vet and they should give you some kind of milk to feed him or her.

this is most common in inexperienced mother sows, usually on their first litter they pass still born pups or will not allow any surviving young to nurse

you should take the pup away from it's mother and put it into a separate cage with a cuddly toy to replace her as a comfort, carefully feed it on puppy milk with a syringe so that it gets some nutrients. it should start feeding on solid foods within a few days, but will still require milk feeds regularly for a couple of weeks, you should be aware that this is not always successful and losing the young is very likely, and upsetting.

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Q: What do you do if the mother guinea pig will not let her baby nurse?
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How do you look after baby guinea pigs straight after birth?

You don't need to do anything, let the mother nurse her babies. You can handle the guinea pig babies and this will help them to socialise with you and become tamed. The males will not eat the babies so you do not need to remove the male.

How long until you can hand rear guinea pigs?

You can handle a baby piggy as soon as they are born. They need to stay with the mother until they can eat and drink water on their own, about 8 weeks. As long as you let them nurse on the mother, you can handle them often.

What do you do if you have a mother and daughter guinea pig and the mother dies?

Give it to a vet and let them take care of it.

How much do you feed baby guinea pigs?

They feed from there mother. She will dicide when to let them eat solid foods. So all you have to do is keep the food dishes full.

How do you delievr guinea pigs babies?

you don't deliver the guinea pig babies. let the mother do her job. let nature take it's course. but i must warn you not to touch the guinea pig babies because the mother might not take care of them.

Can a mouce baby nurse on multiple females?

Yes, if the females will let it

What can happen if a mother of a baby doesn't let the biological father see the baby?

the father and mother get divorce and mother fight father so he doesnt see the baby

Is it okay for a spayed mother to let her kittens nurse?

It will do no harm; usually the kittens are weaned before the mother is spayed.

Can you give baby guinea pigs normal milk?

If by normal milk, you mean cow's milk, then no. Cow's milk is specifically for calves, and baby guinea pigs have different nutritional needs than calves. The best option is to let the guinea pig sickle off of its mother as nature intended. If this is not possible, you can explore your options with milk replacer formulas - though these are made specifically for cats. If you know of someone else who has a female guinea pig with pups, you can try to put them in with her. If you are trying this option you should pet the female and get her scent on the "foster pups" that way she will be more likely to accept them and allow them to nurse.

Will the mother guniea pig bite you if you toched her babies right after they where born?

No. Guinea pigs are unlike most other animals, and will let you pet their offspring after birth,but If the mother feels her babies are threatened they will bite If you want to hold or pet a baby guinea pig be careful and make sure you have a secure area to hold them in.

Should you let the mother of the baby hamsters eat them?

No of course not

What if mother and father lived together and the father kicks the mother out of the house and will not let mother take the baby?

You get the police involved and go to court and let the mother have time to spend wth the child.

What should you do if after you separate the baby guinea pigs from the mom the mom doesn't take it well?

let her get over it.

How do you look after baby guinea pig?

A baby guinea pig is rather easy to look after because the mother will do most of the job. The mother will feed it and clean it up after birth. The inly thing you really need to do is just bring them inside if its really hot or cold and occasionally their eyes close up with sleep and if that happens then just wipe it off and open the eye by pulling either side. But let the mum take care of it the most.

When can you touch a newborn baby?

As soon as their born, if they know you. And as long as the Mother will let you.

Is it okay for guinea pigs to mate with their mothers?

No. This is called 'inbreeding' and can be fatal to the guinea pigs, can lead to severe pain for the mother and can cause deformed offspring. Never let guinea pigs mate with their relatives. Ever.

How do you feed baby guinea pig?

You can put them on the grass and let them eat but they mostly drink their mothers milk when they are young.

How do you know when guinea pigs are in labor?

They make a very distinctive groaning noise and this is how you know when she is about to go into labor you then just have to stand by the cage/hutch and watch, if two guinea pigs arrive at about the same time and the mother can not get them out of the sack quick enough you may need to just gently open the sack so the baby can breathe but leave the rest to the mother. If a baby guinea pig can't breathe then you need to pick it up, hold it at arms length and spin around (but not too fast) this should be enough to make the guinea pig breathe again. Try to let the mother do as much as the work as possible and only assist if you really need to. Hope this helps!!

How long should baby hamsters stay with their mother?

The mother will let you know they will start fighting then you will need different cages.

Is it ok to touch and pick up new born baby guinea pigs?

Yeah, there is no problem picking them up pretty much straight away. As long as the mother trusts you she should be happy to let you touch them. No problems there at all.

Can you keep your baby guinea pigs with their mom?

yes and you shouldn't touch them for the first few weeks let her do the work and bond

What if a mother gave birth to my baby and will not let me have him what can I do and what are my legal rights?

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How do you put squawk into a sentence?

the baby bird let out a squawk as the mother flew towards it.

When can newborn guinea pigs survive without their mother?

They and their mother will let you know. Don't try to separate them before the parent and the litter show they are ready, not that you'd want to, of course.

A nurse on the Sims 2 stole a baby how do you get it back?

Sometimes my sims2 do that too see if you can get the nurse over and use the "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" cheat then shift&click on the nurse and click make selectable. then u are the nurse then just let the mom of the baby hold it and then make the nurse unselectable and tell her to go home/leave/shoo. Just tell her to get out and then if she tries to take the baby back. Kill her or delete her. to delete her you use "moveobjects on" cheat and then go to the buy catalouge and then click the nurse and then delete. Tada!