What do you do if the only enjoyable thing about life is school because the girl you like is there how do I make my life more interesting?

First, to be consumed by love is both torturous and euphoric, a statement only absurd and contradictory to those not enmeshed in its grip. Still, to be so fully absorbed in unrequited love can have disastrous effects on the everyday functioning of life. Therefore, there comes a time when all fear of rejection must be quashed, and the lover must profess this love to the object of affection, lest the lover continue to burn with a passion unbeknown to the beloved.

This is not to say the lover should reveal the full depth of feeling at once. However, to be in love from afar is to construct idealized versions of the beloved in the mind. Simply getting to know the object of affection--perhaps by suggesting doing things together--will begin to allow for a better understanding of who the object of affection truly is, and not what the lover believes the beloved to be. This is only fair and ethical for both parties--to eliminate false constructs.

If this course of action is impossible, then the noble but anachronistic notion of "courtly love" could be the impetus for new beginnings. Many a medieval and Renaissance poet or troubadour displaced their passions for impossible love into artistic pursuits, creating beautiful music, poetry, sculpture, and painted artwork. Eventually, these diversions of love may develop into something worthy of passion in-and-of-themselves. And, when the lover is ready to truly pursue a realistic love interest, these developed skills and arts will be useful tools in attracting the attention of the potential beloved.