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If the release won't work you have to get someone to look at it and find out what happened, If the brake is going off and it is just the light, add brake fluid.

true... did you pull the release on the console ? maybe the connector for it slipped off. its really easy, go to the top of the e-brake and at the same time move the release, you should feel a wire pushing in and out. grab the line and feel around for a metal piece with a gap in it and pull it towards the floor. this releases the brake and you should reconnect it via weld or something.

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Q: What do you do if the parking brake is stuck on a 94 Buick Park Avenue?
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Stuck parking brake on rt rear tire 1993 buick park ave?

A stuck parking brake could be caused by several things. The brake cable that operates that brake could be stuck, or the mechanism could be stuck at the wheel. The wheel will need to be removed and the cable and emergency brake arms will have to be checked.

91 accord stuck in park and brake lights or horn does work why?

the parking brake may be stuck and that causes the brakes to lock up completely, and the horn and lights will stick work if the parking brake is stuck.

How do you release a stuck parking brake on 1999 S10?

my parking brake release did not take off the parking brake on my 2001 chevy s10? is there a way to disengage it?

Why wont my Town and country van wont move even if put in neutral?

stuck parking brake/stuck brake caliper

How do you adjust the emergency brake on a 2004 GMC Sierra?

If the parking brake doesn't hold my guess is the parking brake shoes are shot. Also inspect the parking brake cables, they may be stuck and in need of replacement. The parking brake is designed to hold the vehicle in a parked position and not to be used as an emergency brake to stop a vehicle.

The parking brake pedal on my 2001 dodge ram 1500 is stuck to the floor. How do I fix it.?

If the parking brake pedal on your 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 is stuck to the floor, you might have broken the parking brake cable. Remove the rear tires to see if the cable is still attached and replace it as needed.

1999 eldorado stuck parking brake?

the eldorado has an automaatics parking break. as soon as you put the transmission in gear the parking break releases.

Parking brake stuck on 1994 Cadillac deville and will not release using manual release?

Parking brake will not release even manual will not work on 1994 cadillac deville

1990 Chevy G20 parking brake indicator light stuck on?

Check the switch and/or make sure the parking brake pedal is all the way up if it is not that might be air in your brake lines or leak

How TO Fix What if your Parking Brake if its stuck on a ford escort?

To fix the parking brake on the Escort, you need to find the problem. Make sure that the brake control in the car is releasing, then check the cables for any kinks or sticking spots. Check the cables at the brakes to see if the mechanism is stuck.

How do you release stuck parking brake on 1996 dodge neon?

wd-40 and a hammer

Car will start and go in gear but will not move?

Could be, Transmission failure, Parking brake stuck (frozen brake cables),

How do you get the parking brake cable unstuck on a kawasaki ATV?

If the parking brake cable is stuck, it is probably rusted in place. Try squirting WD-40 into the cable itself. If not, you will have to replace the cable.

Why does a 2013 Chrysler 300 V6 get stuck in park?

Set the parking brake before you put the shift in park when parking.Take shift out of park before releasing the parking brake when driving.

What would cause a 02 right rear wheel to freeze up after pushing the brake peddle with ABS?

A stuck caliper piston. Stuck caliper slide pins. Pinched brake line/hose. Frozen/stuck parking brake cable/mechanism.

1984 Datsun 300Z parking brake stuck?

cut the cable or disconnect the cable from the calipers

You have a problem your parking brake is stuck and you dont know what to do to get unstuck?

The cables are corroded. You will need to replace the cables. To free them up you will need to disconnect them from the parking brake levers on both rear brakes.

What causes rear hubs and rear rotors to get hot on a 2000 Isuzu ftr 24' box truck?

Sticky or stuck brake calipers. Sticky or stuck parking brake mechanism.

Why won't my car go forward?

Cause it Fails! Either the transmission is shot or the parking brake is stuck on.

How do you remove the rear discs 2000 crown Victoria?

You have to remove the brake caliper first. Then you might have to slack the parking brake. The parking brake on read disc in inside the back of the rotor. If you cannot slack the parking brake, the you will have to hit the rotor ( with a small 5 lb hammer ) to loosen it. Might take a little time if it is stuck on.

Why would the rear driver wheel lock up after being parked on a 2003 Dodge Neon SXT?

1. The parking brake is still set. 2. The parking brake was set and is rusted or stuck in place

How do you remove the bolt on the harmonic balancer of a 1990 Buick Park Avenue?

The bolt is stuck and can't seem to come off.

How do you adjust the parking brake on a 2006 Toyota Highlander?

The parking brake is designed to automatically self-adjust every time it is applied. However, if the mechanism has become frozen or stuck, it can be adjusted manually by a mechanic or a knowledgeable amateur.

What would cause the rear brakes of a 1999 Volkswagen New Beetle to lock up?

Corroded brake wheel cylinder, or caliber, parking brake stuck.

Why does the dashboard emergency brake ligh stay on and warning bell keeps ringing when emergency brake is off on a 1993 Buick LeSabre?

It's probably telling you there's a potentially dangerous brake problem on your car. You definitely want to investigate. It could be something as simple as stuck or overly tight parking brake cable too. But if you're not comfortable doing brake work, take it to a shop ASAP.