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take your key and turn the lock on the drivers side door, turn till the security light goes off, hold for 3 to 4 seconds I get out of the car, stick the key in either door lock and unlock the door, then it should work. lock all your doors. go to the back lift gate and turn the key. sometimes the lock in the lift gate gets stuck and sets off the security system, exspecially after the battery died or was disconnected. I was just having the same problem after having it towed for 100.00 and two hours of taking apart the dash all it took was to lock the door open the hatch 1st with the key then unlock the drivers door. this worked for me i hope it works for you. I was just having the same problem after having it towed for 100.00 and two hours of taking apart the dash all it took was to lock the door open the hatch 1st with the key then leave it open for a few minutes ,then close it ,then unlock the drivers door. this worked for me i hope it works for you.

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Q: What do you do if the security system on your 1994 Jeep Cherokee will not allow you to start the car?
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What can you do to unlock your Cherokee 1993 it start and after 3 seconds goes off?

Try unlocking the vehicle at the front passenger door. This will disable the security system and shou8ld allow you to start the vehicle.

What to do when the security system on a 1991 Jeep Cherokee will not allow jeep to start and key will not turn in lock to reset system?

If the security system on a 1991 Jeep Cherokee will not allow the jeep to start and the key will not turn in the lock, disconnect the battery for a few minutes. Try the key in the lock with the battery disconnected. If it works the first time, reconnect the battery and the system should be reset. If the key does not work in the lock, reconnect the battery and reprogram the key fob.

Security light flashing car wont start?

Security lights flashing on a car that won't start indicate that the system has partially disabled the vehicle. The security system must be reset to allow the vehicle to be driven.

Why will security system not allow car to start on Rav4 1998?

How to replace PVC valvle for Toyota Rav 4 2000?

What to do if the security system won't allow your 2000 Corvette to start?

Wait a half hour and try using the spare key.

Your 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee will try to start but then shuts off you were told it was the security system How can you bypass or remove this system?

hey mate i have a 1997 jeep grand Cherokee and had the same problem.. its your idle sensor.. all i did to fix it was disconnected the battery for 30 mins.. i already did that, she will not turn over Did you shut off the security system by using the key or the remote? The engine will not run as long as the security is triggered.

What can you check if a 98 firebird starts and stops after 10 seconds?

security system. probally out in the ingnition. its set to allow it to start then stop. check if light is staying on.

How do you bypass chip key ignition 1999 jeep Cherokee?

The chip key system can not be bypassed. The engine computer will not allow the vehicle to start with out a good key message from the chip key computer.

Why wont your 95 Monte Carlo 3.4l start you have volts and security light on?

The security system prevents unauthorized operation of the car, your system has been tripped, and the car disabled. You will need to reset the security system to start it. If you have the original key you should be able to do it.

Why does the security light flash sometimes and not allow the key to turn on yet if you wait a few minutes then it allowes the key to be turned to start the car?

You are having a problem with your passlock II security system. You have to buy a new ignition mechanism

1988 300zx wont start but security system?


Why does My1996 Jeep Cherokee sport rumble when I start it?

Because of your cool exhaust system

Does a Jeep Grand Cherokee have a security key to start it?

Depends on the year and how it was built. Most later models do have chipped keys.

1990 Chevy Lumina security light on and will not start?

probably your security system . Search google for "Bypass GM Vats Security"

What does an operating system do not do?

Does not allow the computer to start up and function

1999 Chevy Blazer sometimes will not start?

Be sure to check your security system if you have one. Many of the security systems will "kill" the start circuit when triggered.

What makes the security light come on in a 1999 Chevy Tahoe and sometimes won't start?

The car won't start because of the security system. The security system will either have to be bypassed (there are kits available on Ebay sometimes and there are some websites that have them too) or replaced. The ignition key has a built in resistor that the security system checks when you try to start the car. If the security system doesn't recognize the resistance of the key it won't start the car. Then you have to wait 2 to 10 minutes before it will start ( sometimes it's a lot longer than 10 minutes). You could try getting a replacement key and see if the security system recognizes it better. GM installed security systems in their vehicles that are called Passkey I, II and III. So if you get a kit you have to know which system is in your vehicle.

1998 camaro wont start could it be the security system?


Why does your security system activate every time you start the car in a 95 grand Cherokee?

Your battery is toast, or check the pin switch under the hood.10.00 part. to reset the sec syst. lock/unlock passdoor

How do you start a 2001 Chevy Camaro when security light is on and won't allow vehicle to start?

Read the book and I mean read it all!

You think your security system is draining your battery on your 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

I would take it to either the dealer or a shucks/autozone asap to have the battery/alternator checked. You could have a open wire, or an alternator problem. Once the battery gets really low you will not be able to turn off the security system and you will have to have it towed to the dealer to have a new battery and the system reprogrammed. You will not be able to jump start the jeep because the security system will not disengage if the battery is dead FYI, I tried that it didnt work.

Having a problem with 98 Toyota Camry car won't start and security light is flashing and making clicking noise?

It does not start because kill switch relay does not allow it. You need to test the relay and make sure that it works properly. Also you might have to check the security unit. Make sure that you have turn off security system before you start the car (sometimes remotes do not work properly).

If the security system will not let you start a 1994 Mazda Protege what can you do to troubleshoot this?

There might be bypass kits available on the internet for your car depending on which security system you have. The only other option would probably be to replace the security system itself.

You bought a 85 300zx you know it rus but when you try to turn it on the security light comes on and it will not start how do you byepass the security system?

Disable the security system by unlocking the hatch or driver's side door with the key.

How do you disarm the security system on a 1992 jeep Cherokee?

Any reason why you want to do that? Easiest way to not arm the alarm system is to use your actual key instead of the FOB. This will not arm the alarm. I dont know how to actually remove the alarm system considering it is intergrated into your wiring harness and your car wont start if its activated.