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Take the fish out, put it in a tempory tank. Go to the shops, buy a new one then come back and fit it. Answer 1 is not incorrect, but failed to mention that the tank in which the thermometer broke, and from which the fish were removed, should have the contaminated water discarded, and the tank and all accessories which were exposed to the thermometer contents, thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated BEFORE RETURNING the fish to that tank. j3h

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How much is a fish tank thermometer?


Can you put a thermometer in a fish tank after the waters in there?

yes u can

Does a thermometer go inside or outside fish tank?

Inside the tank as it is for you to see the water temperature.

Why should you place a thermometer in your fish tank?

So you can make sure the fish has a suitable temperature

Is it important to have thermometers in a fish tank?

Yes it is important to have a thermometer in your fish tank. The temperature of the water should be between 75-80 degrees.

What do you need in a fish tank?

You need a filter, a heater, a thermometer, and lots of hiding places.

Which tool tells you how warm the water is inside the fish tank?

A thermometer. You can get them for a grrrreat price at

What to do if a Mercury thermometer breaks?

If a Mercury Thermometer breaks you must go to the hospital very fast!

What do you do if a thermometer breaks?

If a thermometer breaks, evacuate EVERYONE out of the area including pets and small children

With what can you know your fish tank temperature?

The instrument that is needed to measure the temperature of the water is called an "Aquarium Thermometer".

What is the most dangerous thermometer if it breaks?

Any thermometer with mercury in it.

How warm should a fish tank be before putting fish in it?

When you get new fish from the pet store, put the closed bag in your new fish tank for an hour. Then if the thermometer read 72-76 degrees, take a net and scoop your fish out of the bag one by one. Never mix the water from the pet store and the water in your fish tank.

Where do you put the paper thermometer on a fish tank?

In an inconspicuous place where it can be easily seen but does not block ones view/vision of the tanks occupants.

How much does a 10 gallon fish tank cost?

The price of a ten gallon tank ranges from $15 to over $100. If you are planning to keep fish in the tank, then you'll have to think about accessories like a heater, a thermometer, a hood, lights, plants, a filter, and, of course, what kind of fish you want. It's also important to do a little reading and make sure that your fish are compatible.

What do you do if mercury thermometer breaks into your eyes?

you run to the hospital

Which thermometer is a greater health hazard if it breaks Is it the mercury in glass or alcohol in glass thermometer?

Mercury is poisonous.

What kind of fish live on the fish tank?

None, no fish can live ON the fish tank.

Why does a fish tank get cloudy?

a fish tank is cloudy because of moisture and how hot or cold the fish tank is

What is better for a fish a fish bowl or a fish tank?

A fish tank is better only because the fish tank as a filter and that is good for a fish and when you have a fishbowl then the fish can not get oxygen in the water.

What is a Fish Tank called?

Fish tank

How do you keep fish tank clean?

If you cant keep a fish tank clean you can buy a fish tank cleaner

Can puffer fish be in a tank with other fish?

Yes they can! I have a Puffer Fish in a tank with other fish.

How do you read temperature on fish tank?

The sticker type thermometers are not very accurate and tend to be affected by external temperatures. To better monitor your tank water temperature, you can buy a thermometer that sticks on the inside with suction cups

How do you put fish in the fish tank in The Sims 2 Pets for Wii?

First you have to buy a fish tank. Then you just click STOCK on the fish tank and choose your fish!

Do you have to put clown fish in a fish bowl or a tank?

Fish tank because it is a salt water fish

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