What do you do if u have to do reaserch on the computer and the computer isn't given u the answer u need?

To begin with, one might consider using the archaic pre-internet style spelling technique. It's "you", not "u."

"Why does it rain" may be too broad. Perhaps "The water cycle" or "Evaporation and Precipitation" may suit better.

If this does not work, another reach back into the ancient history of our civilization may be required. Take your closest method of transportation (but not your iPod, you'll need to be quiet) to a library, where you will meet a librarian who will show you some books.

A warning: there are no links to speed the process. If you get a book, you may in fact have to read it in it's entirety, unless you are able to decipher the cryptic clues of the fabled index.

Best of luck to you.