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What do you do if you're not good in writing and spelling and you want to become a nurse?

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2006-11-28 16:12:33 improve your writing skills. *Most Community/Junior

Colleges offer courses that you can attend without becoming a

full-time student. Courses may also be available at night if you

are currently working during the day. Some Community/Junior

Colleges offer Nurse Aide and LPN courses that include concurrent

enrollment in a Basic Education class(English & Mathematics).

*If that is not possible, check out an elementary level English

grammar book from your local library or purchase one at any almost

any good book store. *A dictionary and a thesaurus can aid you in

spelling and they can improve your writing skills by expanding your

vocabulary. *Go to your local library and check out books on

subjects that interest you and read, read, read and read some more.

As simple as it sounds, the simple act of frequent reading can

improve your writing and spelling. *There are sites on the WWW that

you can visit at your leisure to help you in writing and spelling.

**Since Nursing involves a great deal of medical terminology, a

Latin primer will make understanding the words and phrases that you

will encounter in your chosen field a bit easier. Latin will also

help you understand English grammar and spelling since a great deal

of the English language's vocabulary is derived from Latin.

***Latin was the single best subject that this English major ever

took to help understand how to properly use grammar and vocabulary.

No kidding. Latin can help you understand English more than you may

imagine. P.S. I surely hope that I did not make any grammatical or

spelling errors in this answer to your question. Good Luck

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