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First off you have to calm down. Tell your boyfriend you need a week of breathing space. I find it odd that you wouldn't be suspicious re his behavior regarding incest. Usually people who have incest relationships are odd about having sex with a normal mate. These are very serious allegations he is making. Could it be he is afraid to get married and making this all up? There are a couple of things you can do here. #1 You can go and talk to his mother. Be calm! Yelling will get you nowhere. Tell her what her son told you. If it's true you'll soon know, and if not, then you know he's lying to get out of marrying you. Either way, you win! #2 You can take him at his word and walk away. If all this is true (he's not lying to you) then you don't want to start off your marriage with all this garbage tied to his butt. If he lied about it you still don't want to marry him because you'll never take him at his word again. Marriage isn't all roses and it takes honesty, loyalty and a whole lot of work. There are good times and bad, so you sure want to start out on an honest step and some maturity on both your parts to begin a marriage. Good luck hon Marcy

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Q: What do you do if you've been saving money to get married and you found out your mate feels guilty over an incest relationship with his alcoholic mother and he's been paying her large sums of money?
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She was married to King Louis XVI who had been earlier executed. Subsequently, she was also tried for treason and incest, found guilty and executed in 1793. It was a sham trial lasting for a day and the incest charges were certainly completely baseless. By that stage, she had TB and cancer and would not have lived much longer.

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