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What do you do if you add too much chlorine to your pool?

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Wait. The sun and time will reduce the residual chlorine. Or . . . Drain some water from the pool and add fresh. I don't recommend this inasmuch as you'd have to drain more than half your pool to cut the chlorine concentration in half (because of the residual chlorine of municipal tap water). thats easy, the sun will do all of the work for you. just dont swim in it for a couple of days, and the sun will evaporate the extra remaining clorine. i know this from experience!:D

2006-07-21 20:10:55
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Is too much chlorine in pool water bad?


What are the consequences of too much Acid in a pool?

It could smart your eyes; also pool chemicals like chlorine will not work as well. Add pH plus.

What would make the chlorine high in the pool?

Too much chlorine added to the water.

How much chlorine should you add to the pool?

You should go to the swimming pool supply store or swimming pool supply section and get a kit. There will be instructions and chemicals in the kit. You put a chemical or little pill in the bottom of a tube and fill the tube with water from your pool. Then you compare the color of the water in the tube with the color on a chart. That tells you if you have enough chlorine in the pool. If you do not have enough chlorine you will have gunk growing in your pool. If you have too much chlorine, it will irritate your eyes. If you are going to be a way for an extended period of time, it would not hurt to add extra chlorine.

Is too much chlorine in a swimming pool dangerous?


Why am I itchy when I get out of the pool?

The pool may have too much chlorine in it. Chlorine is very strong and can dry your skin our and cause it to feel irritated or itchy.

Should you add chlorine to your water?

Drinking water? Of course not! For the purification of the pool, maybe. That's why people who swim too much get red eyes...

Can I add too much liquid chlorine to my pool to shock it?

yes you can bleach the liner or concrete and it can become very dangerous if someone was to go swimming

What should you do if the chlorine level in the pool is too low?

Add more chlorine! This is normal pool maintenance since chlorine gets consumed. If the chlorine is low you need to add more.

Could Blaise Pascal Swim?

no he couldn't swim that's why he died he drack too much chlorine and passed out in the pool! no he couldn't swim that's why he died he drack too much chlorine and passed out in the pool!

Your pool water is milky help?

If your pool water is ever milky you have too much or not enough chlorine

Can you swim safely in a pool with not enough chlorine?

To have too much or too little chlorine in your pool can result in an ear infection pink eye stomach ache etc. therefore it is not safe.

What happens if your pool has too much conditioner. it will not hold chlorine now and the conditioner level is high?

Too much of anything is not good. I'm not sure what you mean by "too much". A general answer would be this: If your pool cannot hold your chlorine, you probably need to add cyanuric acid which is a chlorine stabilizer. Many pool chlorine tablets have this already in them. Get a good DPD test kit, not OTO. You can do a partial water drain, 1/3, then add fresh water and bring your chlorine level up to 8ppm, then allow it come down. I would obviously do this first before adding any acid or chlorine. Keep the filter running 24/7 until the water is properly balanced.

What do you do if there is too much chlorine in your pool?

Just wait it out the chlorine will dissipate after a couple of days. if you have a salt water pool turn the chlorine generator down or run the filter less often if possible.

How do you get rid of too much chlorine in your pool?

evaporation and/or dilution evaporation: chlorine will evaporate from a pool fastest on a hot, sunny day. leave the cover off for a bit. dilution: add clean non-chlorinated water to the pool to dilute the chlorine concentration. do not illegally dispose of or dump chlorinated water to make room for the clean water!

If after shocking with chlorine shock and still doesnt register on strips is pool safe to swim in?

Be careful when testing for chlorine. No chlorine will have a clear reading but too much chlorine will cause bleaching of the test reagent confusing you to think you have no chlorine in the pool, try doing a dilution test where you dilute half pool water and half tap water, If coloured results appear with dilution you know you have too much chlorine. Swimming with too much chlorine can cause skin rashes irritations, discolouring of swim wear rotting the stitches, and blacken jewellry.

What does pool stabilizer look like?

Cyan-uric Acid is already contained in chlorine tablets and therefore you will not need to add it separately. As a mater of fact, too much stabilizer will keep the chlorine from working. Hatawa

What do you do when your pool has too much chlorine and the pH is still at the correct level?

How do you know that it is too high? If you are using a home test kit it will show the total chlorine, which includes free chlorine and combined chlorine. Only free chlorine can sanitize the pool. Combined chlorine is broken apart by "shocking" the pool with 1L liquid chlorine per 10000L of water in the pool. (For most pools 10L is fine if you're unsure of the pool volume.) Chlorine will disipate on its own anyways. Sidenote: Are you using a lot of chlorine pucks? They contain stabilizer, which is used to keep the chlorine from burning off in the sun too quickly. If it is overused the chlorine will burn off too slowly. Are you getting readings above 10.0 ppm of chlorine? What is too high? Do you smell the chlorine? Then there's not enough chlorine. Simple as that. K

If my pool has too much alkalinity what should you do?

add acid

Can adding too much or adding too fast make the diatomaceous earth return to bottom of the pool?

Yes if you add too much or add it before it can dissolve it will end up sitting on the bottom of the pool.

How do you lower the chlorine level in your pool if the water burns your eyes?

In order to answer your question, you need to know whether there is too much or too little chlorine in the water. 99% of the time when eyes are irritated there is TOO LITTLE chlorine which results in the presence of chloramines (or combined chlorines) which are the cause of chlorine odors, eye and skin irritation. Measure the chlorine level (free chlorine AND combined chlorine). If you find too little chlorine, or the presence of combined chlorine, shock the pool. I partly agree with the above. You can lower the chlorine using Thiosulphate which can be purchased at your pool store. Chloramines should be test. Get a good Taylor DPD, not OTO, test kit and test for chloramines. Anything over .6 and shock the pool.

How do you get rid of yellow algae in a non chlorine pool?

You can ask a pool specialist about some non-chlorine pool-safe chemical. We got it, too.

How do you neutralize chlorine and pool shock?

Your local pool supply store sells a product called... Chlorine neutralizer! Pool & Spa In order to maintain this type of pool, you need more than just to dump the chlorine there. In addition to the chlorine, you will also need to add a few other chemicals to ensure that the right pH of the pool is maintained. Bear in mind that the pH level is very important. If it is too high, the chlorine will not be able to do its job well. If it is too low on the other hand, it becomes very acidic, which is not ideal for swimming.

What should you do if you have too much chlorine in your pool?

If you need to use the pool soon you can add sodium thiosulfate to reduce or eliminate the chlorine. The container will have a chart detailing how much to use. Or you can let it dissipate naturally. Acceptable chlorine levels are 1-5 ppm. Commercial or public pools will not allow usage if the level exceeds 9ppm. Write me back if you need more specific info with current chlorine levels and why it is so high.

What to do if your kids drank too much pool water and is feeling sick?

If the pool had sufficient chlorine then the sickness may be due to the chlorine and it wiil pass, I would not worry. If there was no chlorine, or pool was dirty, sickness may be due to bacteria and if not better by next day see a doctor.