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1. Let it go, it ended for a reason. Unless she's really hot, then you should try to hit that some more. 2. If you're under 25, don't worry about it because you shouldn't have a serious girlfriend anyway. Unless you're really ugly, then you should probably hang on to what you've got. 3. If she's under 20, none of the information below applies, because teenage girls are not at all logical in relationships. 4. If you're over 25 and she's over 19, this will depend on who broke up with whom and for what reason. Now think about this. If you dumped her for a good reason, should you really want her back? If you really do, tell her you were an idiot and you're sorry and ask for another chance. Not because you were an idiot to dump her but because you are an idiot to want her back. And you should be sorry. Buy her flowers, too. If she dumped you for a good reason, this will be hard. Tell her you were an idiot and you're sorry, because you were an idiot. Buy her flowers and ask for another chance. If she doesn't take you back, you don't deserve her. She's got too much class for you and she's out of your league. If she dumped you for no good reason, this will be even harder. Write her a poem, or even better yet, ask a more sensitive co-worker of yours to write one for you and say you wrote it. Buy her a gift valued at $50 or a little less. Now tell her you were an idiot and you're sorry, hoping that she doesn't quiz you what you're sorry for because you really don't know. Don't pester her, that's probably what you did wrong in the first place. Invite her on a date that is just for her, something in her interests, like you should have done while you had her. 5. If you get back together, wear a rubber for god's sake.

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Q: What do you do if you and your girlfriend broke up and now you want her back?
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How do you get your ex-boyfriend back if you broke up with him and now realize it was the wrong thing to do and he has a girlfriend now but you really need him back because you love him?

To 'err is human' but unfortunately when you make a mistake you pay the price. Your ex boyfriend now has a girlfriend and it does not matter how badly you want him back he now how has a girlfriend. The only option you have left is to see if he and his new girlfriend break up and if they do then you will have your chance to talk to him and let him know you made a terrible mistake.

Who is Cameron leahy's girlfriend?

As of now, he does not have a girlfriend. He and his ex-girlfriend recently broke up.

How can you get your man back it been a year now and am at fault will ever forgive you but now he had a new girlfriend but you love him and want him back?

you call him back and ask him out

What do you do if your girlfriend broke up with you cause she did not know you the first time but now that she know you she really want to go back out but not for sure?

Coming from a girls point of view...she broke up with you because she was not interested, and now she either can't find anyone else, or is giving you a another chance. But make her work for it.

Your ex just broke up with his new girlfriend now what should you say to get him back?

Go up to him tell him you need to talk to him. get away from his friends and tell him that you still like him and you want another chance.

Does Bruno Mars have a girlfriend or a wife?

right now? neither, at least officially. he and his gf broke up back in like, december.

I lost feelings for this guy after he broke up with his girlfriend because he still liked me why is that?

you wanted him because you couldn't have him, now that you can have him you no longer want him.

Should you go back to your Ex girlfriend if she broke up with you go out with another guy but then broke up with him and now wants you back?

No. She just wants the other guy to be jealous. She either still likes you or is 'player'-ish.

Is Vincent single?

he did have a girlfriend, but they broke up. He is now single

Is Vincent single?

he did have a girlfriend, but they broke up. He is now single

What do you do when your girlfriend breaks up with you and she don't want to get back together right now?

It's pretty obvious. She doesn't want to get back with you. Get on with your life and get over her.

How do you get your ex girlfriend back now that she has got back with her ex boyfriend?

You first ask yourself, do you really want someone who would break up three times in a row to end up with you? She broke up with her ex, then she broke up with you, and now you want her to break up with the ex again? How long would it be before she broke up with you for the ex again or for someone else? The girl is confused and needs time to work out what she wants. There are plenty of other girls in the world who are better than this fickle minded girl.

Does Jesse come back for Rachel in glee?

I want to say no because they broke up and he has now graduated...

Is it ok to date a guy who recently broke up with his girlfriend and should you hold him accountible for his past relationships?

I'm doing that right now too, haha. but guys that want to get with you that fast after they broke up with their girlfriend are probably players & only want sex....but maybe you can reform his player ways.

Is Vincent martella single?

he did have a girlfriend, but they broke up. He is now single

Is Vincent martella single?

he did have a girlfriend, but they broke up. He is now single

You broke up with up with your ex about a month ago and after you broke up for weeks he was still in love with you but then you didnt want him back and now you do and he has a new girlfriend?

It's too late now. Either you wait 'til they break up or you go on with your life and find a new boyfriend. Before you even think about breaking them up, consider how you would feel if someone broke up you and your boyfriend. Not a pleasant prospect.

You were going out with this guy but then he broke up with you and after a while wanted u back and you said no but now you do want to get back but he doesnt seem interested anymore?

Rejection hurts. You were hurt when he broke up with you so you decided to reject him when he wanted to make up. Now you want him back and he is rejecting you. Walk away before it becomes a very cruel game.

Who is Tom Chaplin's girlfriend?

He had. Now I read that they broke up.

How do you know derrick rose and his girlfriend is broke up?

'cos he is now sleeping with me

What are the chances of you and your ex-girlfriend getting back together if you were her first love and she loved you but you didn't give enough in return and now you want her back?


What should you do if your old girlfriend had a thing with another guy so broke up with you but now she wants you back?

Go out with her again. Give her one more shot.

My girlfriend just broke up with me because she still have feelings for her ex What do I do now Do I move on Or stay and wait?

This depends on what your feelings really are for her, and if you want to give up.

Does Liam Payne a girlfriened?

yes he had a girlfriend her name is Danielle Peazer but they broke up so now he doesnt has girlfriend

If you broke up with your girlfriend and now your just friends but you still want more how do you get that?

Sounds like you want to be "friends with benefits". If I was your girl I would tell you right where you could put that idea. Good grief ,you broke up with her and I would suggest you forget your newest idea.