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I'm 15 also and 17 weeks pregnant and I'm keeping it. You should definitely tell your parents. Mine were upset very disappointed in me but supportive. If the father of the baby is there that's even better you guys can get through this together. It isn't the end of the world but the beginning of a new life. A child is a blessing and hard work. Good luck

hi im 15 and the father of my son is 20 and what do you mean by we both want the baby are you guys not together and you both could raise the baby if your togeher alot of people wont say anything about you guys because the child you to have together but im not positive me and my bf got lucky well be safe and do the best you can with this baby there the best thing in the world

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Is Christina millian pregnant by the dream?

yes the dream is her boyfriend and she has a baby and is soon to get married

How soon can you have a baby after cesarean and your preoied?

How soon can you have a baby after cesarean and your preoied?"can you get pregnant agin How soon can you have a baby after cesarean and your preoied?"can you get pregnant aging

What can happen to you if you get your girlfriend pregnant?

well, soon you will have a baby

Did Lady Gaga ever get pregnant?

No. but she has a boyfriend and they might get married soon.

3 weeks pregnant no baby on scan why is this?

Waaay too soon!

Can getting pregnant soon after removal of the implant harm the baby?

No it wont.

Will your baby get chlamydia?

No, your baby will not catch chlamydia. If you believe you could be infected, and you are pregnant, see your doctor soon.

How soon should you get your period after having a baby?

How soon should you get your period after having a baby? If you are breast feeding and become pregnant will your body make the hornmon HCG?

Is Daisy Evans pregnant?

yes she is Should be having her first baby soon

If you suck breasts can milk come out?

If she is pregnant and its gonna have her baby soon our if she has had it recently it can

Is Beyonce preggeant?

Yes. Beyonce is pregnant and is having a baby girl soon.

Can you have a baby if you have gonorrhea?

Yes, you can get pregnant and deliver a baby if you have gonorrhea. For the baby's safety, you should be treated as soon as possible.

Is Beyonce Knowles have kids?

No, but will do soon as she is pregnant to a baby girl with her husband Jay-Z. The birth will be soon.Farida x

How do you know the woman is pregnant on virtual families?

As soon as they finish trying to make a baby it if successful it would say congrats you made a baby if it doesn't do that then she isn't pregnant

Can you get pregnant 3 months after having a baby if you have unsafe sex on a prolonged period?

Yes, you can get pregnant again as soon as you ovulate.

What can i do while I'm pregnant to avoid my boyfriend from cumming so soon?

try using a condom :L

Will you and your boyfriend marry and have a baby soon?

Nope because I'm single and straight and two guys can't have a baby together lol.

Can you still have a baby while having trichomonas?

Yes, you can still get pregnant and have a baby if you have trichomoniasis. You should be treated as soon as possible.

Who is pregnant in the duggar family?

As of September 2010, nobody, although many fans speculate that Anna will soon be pregnant with baby #2.

My boyfriend and i are both 19 soon to be 20 and we have been together for over 3 years and we are considering having a baby. Are we too young?

If you have not gone to college yet then you should wait .

Possiblity of getting pregnant post childbirth delivery?

It is possible to get pregnant soon after you have a baby. Many people have children who are exactly a year apart.

Why does Jamie Lynn Spears have a baby?

I'm not really sure but she DOES have a boyfriend so . . . Oh! And by the way. If a girl and boy sleep together, they WILL have a baby soon. So I guess she always sleeps with her boyfriend. I have no idea who he is through.

What do i do if i get a girl pregnant and we're teens?

You both will have to face the music. Both must see a doctor as soon as possible.

How soon can a baby guinea pig get pregnant?

As soon as three weeks. but is is NOT recommended to breed at this age. wait till they're a few months or so.

How soon can an x-ray show if you are pregnant?

Do NOT get an Xray if you think you are pregnant... it can harm the baby and can cause miscarriage... You must see your doctor for an ultrasound...