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I am not sure if this is a 14 year old boy asking this question or a parent.

There really is nothing wrong with a date to the movies (parents driving them to the movies and picking them up.) Kids date younger these days, but they are minors so it's best to drive them to a movie, dance, etc., and pick them up. If you (they) don't like this idea then it comes down to "stay home!"

A:Find someone else. 14 is way too old for a 10 year old. Wait a few years and the four years won't seem like so much. Just move on... A:I think this is fine. I am 14 and I went out with my best fiends 11 sister, and we had a great time. All thought she looks older then 11. And you don't need someone to drive you or pick you up you are waybill to take care of yourself and her. A:You ask her politely to spend some time with you. Take her to McDonalds. Treat her with respect, and she will appreciate this. She will know that you are for real, and who knows what the future will hold for the both of you. If you love each other, maybe it will last a lifetime. A:TEN YEARS OLD IS too young to date. If you want to be friends and do fun things together, you should be accompanied by one or both of her parents. Any parent who would let a 10 year old go out on a date unaccompanied, they are mentally deficient and not responsible parents. If they think a 10 year old girl is old enough to date, they should have their heads examined. (and need to have their ability to parent called into question). A:There is nothing wrong with a 14yr old & a 10yr year old going on a date.....a playdate! Sorry buddy, but you are both too young. The only difference between a "date" and a "playdate" is an adult goes with you guys when you go out. That's it! You do the same things- talking, having fun, getting to know one another.....if she is a mature 10 and you are a slightly immature, you could end up being good friends. If you feel that you "wouldn't be able to do anything" with adults around, then YOU are not mature enough to be anywhere unsupervised.
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How do you ask a girl out on a date and not to hang out I want to go on a date with her?

Say, "Do you want to go on a date?"

Can a girl call after the second date?

Yes, if they want to. They can call after a first date if they want to, or any date. It is their choice. There are no rules about it.

What girl would want to date you?

a pretty, smart,and beautiful girl

How do you make a girl want to date you?

First, you must be likeable, I girl won't date to a person she don't like.

How to get a shy girl to want to date me?

I am not sure how to get a shy girl yo date you. You can try talking to her and tell her how you feel about her.

How do you get a girl that does not want to date to go out with you?

Then you should move on and try another girl.

What does Justin Bieber brother want to date?

A Girl

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he wants to date Selena Gomez

Should a guy from NC date a girl from Atlanta?

If they really want to date, then why not? go for it!

What kind of girl does jaden want to date?

a girl that is nice that makes him laugh and likes him for who he is.

Why does a girl you know hide from you?

She is hiding because she does not want to date you.

Where can you ask a girl you want to date out?

Roblox, online game.

What does it mean when a girl says take you back?

they want to date you

If a girl asks you out on a date does that mean she want to be your girlfriend or friend?

If she uses the word date, then your girlfriend.

Are you straight if you are a girl and you only want to date boys?

Yes, you are straight when you want to date boys. 'Straight' means that a girl like boys or a boy likes a girl. Gay means that the persons involved like the same sex.

Would a guy date a girl with no breast?

Yes. Absolutely. Breasts are not who you are. Be confident in yourself and you can date whomever you want to date.

What do i do if i want to date a girl and she doesn't like me in that way?

If you want to date a girl who doesn't like you in that way then you ask one more time but if she still isn't comfortable with dating you then you are going to have to move on.

How do you get a second date with a girl?

The best way to get a second date with a girl is to just ask her to go out again. You also do not want to try and be overly eager about it.

Hi its the girl that you where texting want to go out in a date?

i love to go out with you

How old does a girl has to be to want 2 date Zayn Malik?


If you aks a the best friend of a girl you want to date whether or not she likes you and she says no should you move on or ask the girl who you want to date?

i think either would work but when i asked i got a punch in he crotch:)

How do you score with a girl?

If you want a date with a girl you have to know what she likes , & well if she might be interested in YOU about you be her secret admirer ??

Would Cole Sprouse date a 10 year old girl personalities he want in a girl?

no. absolutely not.

What type of girl would justin bieber want to date?

Justin bieber would date a girl who can make him laugh and that she is really pretty and that she has gret personality!