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hi,for one. you make sure you don't think the brake up is your fault. andyou tell yourself you can be happy even thou your parents are having problems . let them work it go on living your life and be happy. The other poster is correct ... don't blame yourself for the break-up. What you are feeling is very normal and it's because you have no control over the situation. Sometimes parents just fall out of love or they don't get along and believe it or not they do consider their child(ren.) It isn't always a great thing for parents to argue and fight all the time and make the whole family miserable. Remember this ... you are their child! They love you and you'll still see both parents and they will always be your parents. Sit down and have a talk with your mother (then talk to you father later.) Parents are going through the painful process of splitting up so they forget that the children should be talked too as well. Don't be afraid. Believe it or not there are 75 - 80% of kids that come from parents who are split-up or divorced and they still get to see both parents. If you feel you can't talk to either of your parents then talk to a minister, pastor, or a relative in your family that you trust. It's just the unknown that is frightening you. You'll be OK.

2006-08-28 19:43:10
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