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Its decision time at a hard time of the year. Let them repo or try to get the trans. fixed and catch up the notes before they repo. ONLY you know what the odds are that you can do the latter.

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How do you undelete a profile from your Xbox 360?

You cant. After its gone, its gone forever

Will the Dept of Education garnish your tax return if your loan is in forbearance?

They cant do that simply because when your loan is in forbearance, that means that the D.E has placed your loan on hold. so therefore it cannot go into default. They only take your money when it has gone into a long unpaid default. you should be safe.

Is this correct His both sons have gone to abroad?

I think its "Both his sons have gone abroad"

How do you undelete deleted mails in my Gmail account?

you cant once its gone from your trash its gone forever

If there's transmission fluid in my radiator how do I fix it?

The transmission oil cooler built into the radiator has gone bad. There is a good chance engine coolant is also getting into the transmission. This is a serious problem. Do not drive the car any further. Have it towed to a garage to replace the radiator and flush both the cooling system and the transmission. Good luck.

My car won't move?

Transmission has gone out most likely

What are some disadvantiges of solar power?

some disadvantages are that if the sun ever burns out you cant use it any more. and when solar power is gone then its gone because you cant make anymore

How can you tell which transmission is on your 1987 Cherokee?

Jeep puts tags on the transmission. It is usually mounted so that one can see it from under the vehicle. Not alwayas easy to find though. If the tag is gone or you cant find it then just Google the info. That is how I usually find things. Just enter something like 1987 Jeep Cherokee Transmission types. Good luck.

Car goes in reverse but not forward?

Your transmission is gone, you need to rebuild it.

Can a mouth wash type rinse rebuild tooth enamel?

Once enamel is gone, its gone. You cant rebuild it. So no.

Is sunlight a nonrenewable resource?

YES once it is gone you cant get more.

How do you get the fur boots on Club Penguin?

they are old and gone you cant get them anymore

Can you get Kyogre or Groudon after you beat them?

nope you cant after yoy beat them there gone

How do you get patched items on Club Penguin?

you cant. usually they are gone forever

Where to get ho - oh in LeafGreen?

you cant unless you have gone to the event or have a gameshark

How do you get the toys in Poptropica?

you cant Actually you can at Toys r US...has just gone in

Where is run option in ubuntu?

Press ALT + F2. THis is the default hotkey so unless you have gone through the menus and changed it this is it.

What would cause my 1996 Dodge Intrepid won't shift from second gear?

There is 2 things that it could be 1 is your are really low on transmission fluid ..if you cannot find the leak check your anti freeze filling tube.. if there is transmission fluid in there then the break is simply a broken cooling line that runs through your rad.. you will need to flush out both once its repaired.. if its broke inside the rad the rad needs to be replaced,and 2 the transmission is gone.. the manul for these cars states that if there is a major tranny issue it will default into second gear..if there are no leaks 9 times outa 10 tranny is gone.. intrepids are famous for blown trannys The computer defaults to 2nd gear when it detects a malfunction and sets a code. You need to have the system checked for codes.

Is there a way to adjust the bands in a 1995 S10 blazers transmission?

No. The last transmission GM made with a band adjustment was the Powerglide - gone in 1968, I think.

Why wouldn't a transmission go into reverse but goes into drive just fine?

It means the reverse clutch pack has gone out in your transmission and needs to be rebuilt or replaced.

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