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put it in cool water,after a while,when you're better,apply some anestetic(dunno how to spell)cream.Never put butter or oil.wrap it with cool dressing loosely.tried works!

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What does scalded cat means?


What are scalded noodles?

hot noodles

What is the example of scalded using the sentence?

I managed to dislodge a pan of boiling water from the top of the oven, as a result my arms and legs were scalded

How do you know if you milk is scalded?

Milk is scalded when the sides of the pan have little bubbles. It shouldn't be boiling but it should be just about ready to boil.

What is Beef Scalded Tripe?

Beef scalded tripe is a cow's stomach. It is cooked by placing it in hot water and leaving it there until the point where it is just cooked, but not over cooked. All tripe is scalded before being sold in the United States.

What is scalded and cooled mean?

In a recipe, this means to bring milk to the boiling point and then to return it to room temperature. "Scalded" can also mean "injured by boiling water".

What causes scalded skin syndrome?

S. aureus causes a variety of infections. Toxic shock (TSS) and scalded skin syndrome (SSSS) are among the most serious.

What is it called when milk is just below boiling point?


What is the incubation period of staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome?


How do you make scalded milk?

Heat the milk up until it's too hot for you to put your finger in - just below boiling point. Then you're done - that's "scalded milk".

How did rachel die in the haunting of sorority row?

She was scalded to death in the shower.

What is scalded milk?

its like organic milk. its like organic milk.

How do you cure a scalded tongue?

you don't you just need to wait for it to get better

Can you feed your squirrel cows milk?

Yes, if it's scalded first.

How do you clean scalded milk off pan?

You can scrub it the old fashioned way or you can put water in the pan and stick it back on the stove to boil. The boiling will cause the scalded milk to come off the pan.

What type of faucet valve should I install to protect my children from getting scalded with hot water?

An anti-scald valve would be desirable to prevent your children from getting scalded while using the faucet.

Could group b strep cause scalded skin syndrome?


What is a homophone for scolded?

One could be "scalded" meaning a burn from boiling water.

What does scalded mean in cooking terms?

To scald is to bring a liquid just to the point of boiling.

What is hot coffee with scalded milk in a French word?

Café au lait.

How do you know your milk is scalded?

It has been boiling for a while, and it has a thick, dark scum on the bottom of the pot.

If a fish were put into a cup of coffee what would happen?

Aside from being scalded, it would drown.

Why can't kids stay in hot tubs to long?

Kids can get scalded by the hot water in the "HOT TUB".

New shower installed the hot and cold won't mix What do I do?

Call a professional so someone does not get scalded

How can you tell if the milk is scalded without using a thermometer?

It has a skin like cover over the milk itself.

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