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You should ask him again later after he has had some time to think about it.

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What does it mean when a girl says maybe?

If she says it like mayBE It probably means yes (BE In a higher voice)

What does it mean when she says you are like a friend?

That means she probably likes you, maybe as a friend or maybe more!

If you ask a guy if he likes you and he says maybe maybe not does that mean he likes you?

yes it means he like's you but he just dont want to tell you because he doesn't know if you like him

What do you mean when a girl says maybe when you confront her about your feelings?

"Maybe" could mean that she is unsure of her feelings, or too shy to admit her feelings. Continue to build your friendship with her. Work on trust factors and communication. Eventually, you will know what "Maybe" means. Good luck.

What does it mean when he says he appreciates you?

I know what I would mean, but the only way to know what HE means is by asking him.

What does a girl mean by saying maybe?

Well when a girl says maybe, that means yes! I have a girlfriend and she says maybe all the time and trust me, they mean yes by saying maybe. Sometimes a girl is afraid to say yes so they say maybe. Hope this answer helps.

What does it mean when your guy says your his?

It means he has got you as a girlfriend maybe it is because it is hard to court you.

What does it mean when a teacher you know says hi to you?

When a teacher you know says hi to you it means they are being polite and acknowledging you.

What does it mean when someone says 'I know you' to you?

It means I believe you. It could also mean I know who/how you are.

What does it mean when a girl says you don't know when you ask her if she likes you?

It either means that she doesn´t know, or that she is too shy to say the truth. Maybe she needs to get to know you more before she can decide how she feels about you.

What does it mean when Webkinz says large Webkinz only?

if you have a lil' kinz it maybe means you need a webkinz but if you have a webkinz it maybe means you need a webkinz signature

What does he mean when he says you know me?

He/she usually means that when you ask him/her if they want or need anything and they say that, they mean, "You know what I want, You know how I am."

What does it mean when a guy says you're cute?

It probably means he's into you. If a guys says you're cute he thinks you are funny and nice and pretty and a lot of fun to be around. and maybe he wants to really get to know you

What does it mean when you ask a guy out and he says maybe?

It means that he is considering going out with you, but has his doubts about being in a relationship with you.

When a guy says maybe does it usually mean yes?

I know when I say maybe to a girl, it generally means I want to get to know her because I don't know her enough to say yes. So I would suggest speaking with him, just casually chat, see what will strike up!

What does it mean if she says she is freaked out?

It means that she don't know what to do she is confuse and scared.

What does it mean when a guy says he's cold?

It means that he could be mean or heartless, or maybe he is just cold like freezing

What does it mean when a guy says your important to him?

You can't really tell what it means. Maybe he likes you. He wants to protect you.

What happens when a girl asked you if you hate them or not and you said maybe and she says that she doesn't like you what does it mean?

It means she wanted to know if you hate her or not. She was possibly trying to find out how much you actually like her.

What does it mean when a boy says maybe?

Maybe This means No in boys mind but don't worry to much. if he is a nice guy he actually means maybe!. he is thinking and he hasn't decided! that help?!or he is also just nervous about the true answer

What does it mean when someone says to you 'search me'?

It means the do not know the answer to the question you asked.

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