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You should ask him again later after he has had some time to think about it.

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Q: What do you do if you ask a guy out and he says maybe and then when you ask what he means he says you know what I mean?
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What does it mean when a guy says 'maybe someday'?

It means no.

What does it mean when a guy says 'we'll see?

It means maybe.

What does it mean when she says you are like a friend?

That means she probably likes you, maybe as a friend or maybe more!

If you ask a guy if he likes you and he says maybe maybe not does that mean he likes you?

yes it means he like's you but he just dont want to tell you because he doesn't know if you like him

What does it mean when you want to hang out with a girl but she says she doesn't know or maybe?


What does it mean when someone says 'I know you' to you?

It means I believe you. It could also mean I know who/how you are.

What does it mean when a guy always says I do not know?

It means "I don't know."

What does it mean when he says he appreciates you?

I know what I would mean, but the only way to know what HE means is by asking him.

What does it mean when your guy says your his?

It means he has got you as a girlfriend maybe it is because it is hard to court you.

What do you mean when a girl says maybe when you confront her about your feelings?

"Maybe" could mean that she is unsure of her feelings, or too shy to admit her feelings. Continue to build your friendship with her. Work on trust factors and communication. Eventually, you will know what "Maybe" means. Good luck.

What does it mean when a teacher you know says hi to you?

When a teacher you know says hi to you it means they are being polite and acknowledging you.

What does a girl mean by saying maybe?

Well when a girl says maybe, that means yes! I have a girlfriend and she says maybe all the time and trust me, they mean yes by saying maybe. Sometimes a girl is afraid to say yes so they say maybe. Hope this answer helps.

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