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Sell it on your own. You may not be able to sell it for the amount owed, but work out a deal with the bank to finish paying for the vehicle at a reduced rate after it's sold. Most lending institutions would much rather work out something than have it go into bankruptcy. That, plus it's a lot better for YOUR credit history if you take matters into your own hands and deal with it now.

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Q: What do you do if you can't afford your car payments anymore?
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You want to surrender your car because you cant afford the payments?

Call your lender.

What can you do if you cant make your car payment and any future payments?

what can you do when you cant make a car payment what can you do when you cant make a car payment

You live in Florida you bought used car with an APR of 16 high monthly payments you have had the car for a year and you can not afford payments anymore Without ruined credit how can you get rid of car?

You have to sell the car. If you give it back, it will still look as a repossesion...a voluntary repossesion. You do not want someone to take over the payments,as there is no guarantee that the payments will be made on time. Sell the car or try to refinance the balance, it is the only way. Good Luck..

Where can I find a calculator that helps me determine how much I can afford on a car payment?

Yes there is. There are several sites on the internet that have calculators that can help you determine if you can afford the monthly car payments. They will also be able to tell you the in-tress on the payments.

What can you do if your car blows up while you are still making payments and you can't afford to make those payments and buy another car?

Depends on what you mean by

If you can't afford car payments anymore will they put a lien your my house?

Don't think so , unless you used your house for collateral when you bought the car. Generally they will repo (take it) it and you may be responsible for the remaining balance that is owed.

Can you self repo your car?

Yes, you can self repo your car if you can no longer afford your car and is financially unable to pay the payments for your car.

You owe finance ona car but cant afford the repayments what can you do?

You should contact the finance company. Perhaps, you can make smaller payments and stretch out the loan or perhaps you can turn the car in and avoid them the trouble of repossessing the car in exchange for not having your credit ruined.

What is Jay Leno's car collection worth?


How much does a Lotus car cost?

If your asking that question, then you cant afford it.

Should you trade in your used car that is paid off for a new car?

Only if you can afford payments for a new car and your used car is in very bad shape.

Will a car payment calculator help me determine what kind of car payments I can afford?

Yes a car payment calculator will help you work out what you can afford. However, it will also tell you the exact amount needed for your payment which is important to know.

If you have been late on payments several times but never sixty days past due can car be repossessed?

You would have to read the contract to see if someone can "legally" repossess it. But ultimately, there is someone, somewhere who makes a decision. This person can continuously let is slide, or they can just get fed up one day and take, or have someone take your car. They also know that if you cannot afford payments then you will definitely not be able to afford back payments, penalty payments, and current payments all at the same time. Nor, can you afford an attorney.

A sentence with although in it?

Although I new I couldn't afford to make the monthly payments on the car, I bought it anyway.

What options do I have if I can't afford my car payment anymore?

sell it, give it back or get another job

Your car engine died and you still owe money to the bank for it you cant afford the repairs What can you do?

you could steel a car. :)

What can you do if you have a child on the way and your car payments are now too high to afford but you got a great rate at 2.9 when you bought the car?

Sell the car person-to-person. Never take it to a dealership to sell or trade, you almost never get what it is worth. If you cannot sell the car, try refinancing. You'll get a higher APR and pay more interest in the long run, but you can extend payments and keep your car (plus afford the payments). give the car back buy a 500 dollar special, spend the car payment on the kid

How much does a 2010 Chevy Camero cost?

If you have to ask about this car, Then you cant afford it anyway.

I cant afford a car that is in my divorce decree and my ex has been making the payments for me i have to give it back to him and he's going to sue me for contempt of court can he?

If the car is yours and you can't afford it, either sell it or try and give it to the bank that has the loan. I don't see a contempt of court issue here since you are not doing anything in violation of a court order.

What happens if you have a baby on the way and have bad credit and have a high interest rate on your vehicle and cant afford it?

The best option would be to sell the vehicle for the equity you have (as in, the amount you have paid on it) and buy a reliable used car for cash with no payments.

Can car be repossessed with 2 payments left? it off so they cant

Do you have to keep making your car payments when the car isn't running and it's been put in storage?

yes you do unless you dont want it anymore.

Can you buy a new car if you have a lien in your name on another car?

Yes. This happens all the time. If you have a car you're still making payments on (and which will therefore have a lien on it), and you want to buy a new car, as long as your credit is good and you can afford the new payments as well you shouldn't have a problem.

What happens to your credit when the car is returned because neither party can pay the note?

It's noted on your credit score that you were unable to make payments/late payments. It just looks very bad. Avoid taking out a car loan on a car you can't afford.

What vehicle that has over 100000 miles would you buy if need a car but cant afford new car?

That depends on how much you have to spend.