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you type slower than you talk, giveing you a chance to think about what you want to type. and there is no pressure in giveing an answer right away ..try thinking of what you want to say before you say it, you might look a little silly but if they are good friends, you can share a joke good nature-ly.

2006-09-01 09:32:12
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Q: What do you do if you can barely talk to your friend in person because you are nervous but can talk to them about everything online?
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Why does my best friend copies me in everything?

You best friend could be coping you in everything because she is your best friend that is what they do. She could trying to be you and have your life.

Why doesn't my boy friend kiss at all?

It's because they are shy nervous

Is it a friend when she yell at you?

no it isn't because a true friend will likes you love you and everything but when she yell at you tell her or him that she/he is not a true friend :)

What is better the Wii you or Nintendo 3DS?

wii because my friend has a 3ds and it's barely 3d anyway

What if a girl calls you her best friend and tells you everything that goes on with her and her boyfriend does this me she likes you?

As a friend. She confides in you and talks to you because she trusts you as her friend.

Give an example of slogan on fire as a friend and an enemy?

it is a friend as it provides us warmth and an enemy because it can destroy everything

Can you call kabadiwaia friend of environment?

Yes, we can call kabadiwala a friend of the environment because he recycles everything in our environment{wastes}.

How do you give your boyfriend iPhone number without being nervous?

just give it to him..there is no reason to be nervous =] or tell am friend to give it to you for him for you.. just give it to him..there is no reason to be nervous =] or tell am friend to give it to you for him for you..

What do you do if the boy you like likes your best friend?

I will let him..because everything can change..maybe..

Does Zac ofron have a baby?

no he does not- i know because he is a close friend of mine and tells me everything

When you made out with your best friend he stopped calling now what?

He/she is probably just nervous because you're his/her best friend. You shold call him/her and just talk, se how he/she feels about it.

Who is Pooh nervous little friend?


Why does your female friend act nervous around you?

She could generally be a nervous or shy person or chances are you may make her nervous as she has feelings for you.

Why does your female friend act nervous around you and seem so comfortable with her other male friends?

One reason why a female friend may act nervous around you and seem so comfortable with her other male friends is because she likes you more. She could have a crush on you.

What things do you like to do with friends?

Talk, play games, sports, practically everything because they are your friend.

Why wont your boy friend give you head?

because at first they will be nervous. to make them comftarble at first show them a picture of you naked and then do it! Thats what i did!

Why a friend aks you get intimate?

if you two are really good friends, then he will like your personality and everything about you, because he got to know you better than if he wasn't your friend.

If a girl calls you her friend but she barely knows you and asks you to do stuff for you what does this mean?

It means she in way over her head. If you do not see this girl as a friend you have to stop doing things for her. She probably doesn't have many friends and thinks that since you may have hung out with you once, you are automatically her best friend... not to mention only friend. Just tell her that you don't have time to do stuff for her because not only do you barely know her but since when are you her bi*ch?Hope that helps

What does it mean when a guy talks to your friend but not to you?

it either means he doesnt like you and thinks your friend is yot or he likes you but is shy or nervous and can only get to your friend because that's as close as he can get to heing near you. he could also be talking to her about you, you never know

You are really nervous about hugging your bf because he is a little smaller than you and even though you have hugged a guy before your bf has been your friend since kinder and you are really nervous?

Nothing in there was a question, just saying.

How do i know if my friend is my BEST friend?

If she/he is your best friend she will always support you in everything you do.

What should your friend do if he is having trouble talking to this girl he likes because he gets nervous around her?

Try to be her friend. Talk to her more and more, and after you know her well enough just have him go ask.

Do girls use to ignore friend request of their crush on facebook?

Some girls get nervous about inviting their crush into their facebook because they are embarrassed of themselves.

My friend said my guy friend the best going away present for me was if you and chloe were together you guys would be heaps cute he just laughed Why would he laugh?

Only your friend knows for sure why he laughed. He would be the best person to ask. That said, some people laugh when they're nervous. Maybe he was nervous because he wasn't sure he should have mentioned it.

What are reasons a guy wouldnt want to admit he likes you?

because his friends might tease him about it becaue he is afraid that you wont like him back or because he is nervous hope i helped your friend