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U dont do anything, because you will lose your friend if you do.

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Best friends are best friends because they share similarities. Lazy or hopeless guys love their best friends' girlfriend because he would like the same kind of girl.

no it is wrong if you do somthing about would be better to love from afar... if they breakup you do not take the opportunity if your friend still has feelings for her ok...

i think if he is happy with his girlfriend you shouldn't come in between that because is you say your his best friend you wouldn't do that cause that's not what best friends do. I think that is he has a girlfriend you have to tell yourself to let your friend be happy and let fate discide what happens

Honestly, what I would do is just tell your bestfriend.I mean, how can you be bestfriends with someone when your supposed to know everything about this person,right?

Nothing. Just accept the fact that he is friends with his ex or move on. He won't ditch his best friend for you, a guy is more likely to ditch the girlfriend for his friends. Girlfriends come and go, best friends are for life. My best advice, make her your friend too and he will love that about you.

If your sims are already best friends, flirt with or kiss them. If not, get them best friends while flirting/kissing them

If you have a crush on your best friend, but he has a girlfriend, and you love him, you can write him a letter. You could also wait until they break up to tell him.

You can't "make" anyone fall in love with you.

you can't make someone fall in love, they will fall in love when they see there is feelings for each other and deeper thoughts.

Just flirt and become best friends with the guy.

Best friends originally gravitate towards each other because they have a lot in common. Then as you mature and become closer sometimes fall in love. It can be a pain in the butt. I know from experience but just make sure as you become lovers you remain best friends because you can be both.

OK, this is hard to tell you but you may remind him of his crush or of his ex-girlfriend. From: C.A. Cupid

it's a children's film, but sky high

Sims can't be married if they're just best friends. They have to fall in love before they can propose, as with WooHoo.

Yeah I have a similar problem to that. You need to decide who you love more, your girlfriend or your girlfriends best friend. It's your choice what you do, but if I'm honest, if I were you, I'd stay with your girlfriend, and tell her best friend that you love your girlfriend, because it's not worth it to dump her for her best friend. It's not a nice thing to do either :)

If you love her like a girlfriend then you cannot be just friends. If you love her just as a friend there is nothing in that statement that would ruin your friendship.

You cant- jsut go with the flow! if oyu fall in love after being good friends for a long time then it was probably ment to be!

No he is single but he wants to fall in love

Best Friends in Love has 176 pages.

The ISBN of Best Friends in Love is 978-1853405730.

The same way you got him to fall in love with you the first time....... by being yourself! If you love somebody but they do not love you because of the way you act or who you hang around you should not ditch your friends or change for one person they should like you the way you are and take it or leave it. If you loose your friends and your boyfriend or girlfriend breaks up with you then you will not have your friends to be there. Friends are there for life whereas boyfriends are there for love!

Then the real question is why isn't your best friend your girlfriend........?

Maybe he already has a girlfriend.