What do you do if you feel like a girl in a boy's body?

This can be a difficult situation. There are many people who feel the same way you do!

The first place to turn would be to look online for some good transgender or transexual support groups for young people. I'd suggest thinking things over with their help before you do anything like telling your parents or friends.

It may be that you are experiencing totally normal feelings from your female side -- everybody has a male part and a female part, and it doesn't always mean you're not a masculine boy just because you have some very female feelings.

If you decide you're really needing to become a female, you'll need to have a long talk with your parents. You might also need to have some family counseling by a good therapist to make sure everyone's healthy and understanding instead of arguing and yelling.

Surgery is very expensive (and very final because you're not going to get that penis back) -- many people start out by simply dressing and acting female. There are also websites that can help you start becoming more feminine while still remaining a male physically.

Try to keep an open mind, try to stay calm, and try to remain true to your inner feelings.