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What do you do if you feel like a loser because you made a mistake about a boy?


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May 27, 2007 12:20AM

Admit to the mistake and apologize to him. Any one can make a mistake, it takes a big person to admit that you made a mistake. When someone hurts me it changes my feeling toward them a little, or a lot depending on what they have done, however I always forgive them and when they are big enough to admit what they have done it helps a lot. I realize it is hard to admit wrong doing and every person alive has wronged someone. If he forgives you he is great, if he does not forgive then he has wronged you. You must forgive to be forviven by GOD. So learn from your mistakes and move on. Never live in the past. Always, always pray to GOD for guidence and ask to be made stronger and better. Pray for wistom.