What do you do if you feel that you are being led on and how can you tell?


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if you are uneasy, and feel you are being led on trust yourself. shock the person by flat out bluntly asking them. if still uneasy with the answer they give TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS


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you can tell if you're being haunted if you feel like some one is with you or if you some times feel a rush of cold air

If you feel like you may have led him on, you could tell him something like, "Listen, I'm sorry, but I think I've probably led you on. I really am not ready to have sex and I'm truly sorry if I led you the wrong way." Hopefully he'll respect your honesty.

tell them and show them by being loving

tell her/him that and how you feel and if its a true friend they will fix it and be nicer.

well tell him what you feel, if you dont want to be sexually active tell him, if your not ready then tell him, but if you do then tell him, you just have to be honest and hopefully he will understand

Because you feel it not like a love feeling you just feel that you can trust them and then you know there your freind. and you know when your freind enjoys being with you because they just show it and you can tell by if there laughing and having fun that's how you tell if your freind enjoys being with you

If your girlfriend is a taker ie she's always asking and never offering or giving then DEFINITELY she is a user. Also if you are always led into giving or feel compelled to do so against your will you can be sure that you are being used.

Tell the teacher that you don't feel comfortable around the people who are bulling you. Then tell them what they have done to you and the teacher will take it from there.

to tell a friend how you feel about her: if you want to tell a really close friend that you feel like being more than friends, if you need to write her a note and stick it in her mailbox when she's at work. give her your number and await her call.

"I feel that you are being rude to me. Can you please stop it and do not do it to me?"

They can tell that they are staring at you because they can feel that someone is staring at them. It's like a force that is hitting on them. Most people can tell that they are being stared, but some people can't, which is fine.

Tell him you want to feel the pleasure of being cummed inside.

Yes Absolutly because then you have proof that you are being bullied or not

Come out and tell her how you feel. This can be tricky. If you want to tell a girl/woman how you feel, start off smooth and tell her what you want in a relationship, tell her why you want her, and tell her how you would treat her.

talk to him and tell him how you feel. tell him that you think he is very controlling and say lets work it out or something like that

Typically once someone is led on, they lose a certain level of trust with an individual. You could try to apologize, and explain the situation to the person, however, there is no guarantee that they will want to remain as your friend, or even accept the apology. In the future, I would suggest being direct with people. As opposed to stringing someone along, and making them think they have a chance, just be honest with them, and tell them how you feel. Yes this might hurt them, but it will hurt a lost less and be easier to move on from than being led on. You may even feel bad for breaking it to someone that it is not working out, and that is natural. Being honest is the right thing to do.

Knowing a guy is being to touchy is when you are starting to feel uneasy. This is when you need to tell the guy to back off.

Point it out to him and use examples. Tell him how it makes you feel. Use your voice...

you tell yourself that he never deserved him. never think that its your fault. just hang out with your friends and do stuff that makes YOU feel good.

Yes tell him how you feel. Relationship is all about communication and openness and part of this is telling him what you feel.

tell that friend that you feel that their being mean to you. you shouldn't tolerate rude, or mean behavior from a friend.

Become the person he hates. Or just tell him that you don't feel right being together.

Well you have to tell them how you feel and then later you ask them how they feel.

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