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You will need to file an amended return, and the quicker the better. If it is for a very recent tax year, you may be able to avoid any interest charges. Do not forget you may have to do a similar process for your State. Officially: If you discover an error after your return has been mailed, you may need to amend your return. The service center may correct errors in math on a return and may accept returns with certain forms or schedules left out. In these instances, do not amend your return! However, do file an amended return if any of the following were reported incorrectly: * your filing status * your total income * your deductions or credits Use Form 1040X (PDF), Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return, to correct a previously filed Form 1040 (PDF), Form 1040A (PDF), or Form 1040EZ (PDF). If you are filing to claim an additional refund, wait until you have received your original refund (you may cash that check). To avoid penalty and interest, if you owe additional tax for a current year amended return, file Form 1040X and pay the tax by April 15 of the current year. Be sure to enter the year of the return you are amending at the top of Form 1040X. The form has three columns. Column A is used to show original or adjusted figures from the original return. Column C is used to show the corrected figures. The difference between the figures in Columns A and C is shown in Column B. There is an area on the back of the form where you explain the specific changes being made on the return and the reason for each change. If the changes involve another schedule or form, attach it to the 1040X. For example, if you are filing a 1040X because you have a qualifying child and now want to claim the Earned Income Credit, you must attach a Form 1040 Schedule EIC (PDF) to show the qualifying person's name, year of birth, and social security number. Generally, to claim a refund, Form 1040X must be received within 3 years from the date you filed your original return or within 2 years from the date you paid the tax, whichever is later. If you are filing more than one amended return, be sure to mail each in a separate envelope to the service center for the area in which you live. The Form 1040X Instructions list the addresses for the service centers. Please Note: Your state tax liability may be affected by a change made on your federal return. For information on how to correct your state tax return, contact your state tax agency. IR-2005-3, Jan. 7, 2005 WASHINGTON

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What are the Penalties for fraud on a wife using her husband's debit card?

If it is a joint account I would say none. You are married and spouses share things in a marrige.

Is a spouse in Missouri responsible for the other spouses debt?

The basic assumption is that yes, the spouse is jointly responsible. It is assumed that both spouses will benefit from the transactions.

Can you file married filing separately on your state return and file married filing jointly on your federal return?

It depends on the state. Some states allow it, others don't. In some states, there might be exceptions if the spouses are residents of different states.

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Can you file bankruptcy jointly in Illinois if you are not married?

Unmarried persons who live together and have incurred joint debts must file separate petitions, but can request that their cases be ordered jointly administered. Also, registered domestic partners do not qualify since they are not legal "spouses" under federal law.

Can a spouse trade a vehicle for anew car without the other spouses signature if the title is held jointly?


Can you file a federal tax form married filing jointly and then file a state or local tax form married filing separately?

It depends on the state. Some states allow it, others don't. In some states, there might be exceptions if the spouses are residents of different states.

Who were medusas spouses?

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Is a wife responsible for the debt of her husband while being married if her name is not on any of these debts in Virginia?

No, Virginia is not a community property state. Therefore spouses are solely responsible for their own debts as long as those debts are not incurred jointly.

In Nevada do you inherit your spouses debt when you get married?


What is Jillian Michaels spouses name?

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Can you force sale of jointly owned property?

If you are referring to a partition the answer is yes, except in the case of property owned by legally married spouses as tenants by the entirety. If you are referring to sale by a creditor of one joint tenant, you can only sell the interest of the debtor.

In California do you inherit your spouses debt when you get married?

You do not inherit your spouces debt if it was from before you were married.

Can two spouses turn away from their marriage when having social connection to other spouses and get married after their spouses death?

Well, it looks like English... I guess the answer is yes.

How many years do you have to be married to receive the spouses 401k?


How long do you have to be married to get Spouses VA benefit?

10 Years...

As a retired couple living in France what joint income can you have before paying tax?

Married filing a joint income tax return Self-employed, any age: more than 400 of net profit from the business operation.MFJ both under the age of 65 for the 2009 tax year the amount was 18700.Married, filing jointly, one spouse over 65: $19,850Married, filing jointly, both spouses over 65: $20,900Excluding social security benefits.

What do I do if I got married in Dec 2008 and filed single. My fafsa at school is asking me to amend my return to show married filing separately. Will this affect my return amount?

You need to amend...your married status at end of year means you MUST file either jointly with your spouse or married filing seperately...the effect of one or the other may well be beneficial, and depends on your spouses position too.

What should you do if you were married to another person when you got married?

Dont tell either spouses of the others existance!

In the state of Florida will you be liable for your spouses child support if you get married?


Can a tax refund be garnished even though its the ex spouses income which money was owed?

If you files jointly for that year I think they can hit you both until paid

What is the Difference between filing single and married but take out higher single?

In some cases, such as both spouses working, married people find that not enough tax is being withheld at the married rate, which is the second lowest tax rate after head of household. To solve this, married people can check the 'Married but withhold at higher Single rate' choice in box 3 of Form W-4 [Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate]. But when it's time to file their tax return, a married person who's having tax withheld at the Single rate would file as Married Filing Jointly. The difference between the higher Single rate and the lower Married Filed Jointly rate can vary from $1 to over $800.

Who was Demeter's spouses?

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Can Catholics and Protestants get married in the Orthodox Church?

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Is better filing jointly with a spouse or separately?

If you are married, you can legally on file in two ways, Married Filing Joint and Married Filing Separate. Married Filing Separate excluded you from getting any tax credits and you only get half of the Standard Exemption. I have never seen a case where Married Filing Separately was better. Married Filing Separately also requires you to include your spouses social security number on your return. If you are married but legally separated for at least the last six months of the calendar year you can file as if you are not married. This means you can file as Single, Married Filing Separately, or Head of Household.