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Don't listen to what her best-friend tells you-period.Whether this is a female telling you this (she might like you herself..) or a male (he might be interested in dating her..) don't get yourself workedup over what they said. Talk to your girlfriend and tell her what they told you and if that's how she really feels about you.If she says yes, then you take her decision with respect and try to move on..I know this wasn't the answer you were looking for but you can't make someone like you if they don't.Why settle for someone who is going out with you out of pity or some other similar reason?If she is meant to be yours, she will realize the mistake of letting you go and she'll come back.That's when you will get to decide if you want to be with her or not. Don't force your fate..But please talk to her first, the friend might be lying.

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Q: What do you do if you had the girl you always wanted and then after a few months she just doesn't like you anymore so her best friend tells you she doesn't like you anymore?
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You tell your best friend is lying?

i once had a friend who was lieing to me for a long time. i told her i didnt want to be friends anymore. but i just had a break from her for a few months and then she said she wouldn't lie anymore.

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Okay I am a girl and I will help you out with it. What the situation is that she does care about you but she just doesn't trust you anymore. And she is tired of always suspecting that your cheating on her and she just wants to chill for a while. You should let her chill. cuz 3 years is a long time and for some girls ... they can barely stand to be with someone for about 3 months. Even so you should still be her best friend. Cuz I'm pretty sure you still love her so just be there for her. Things will work out.

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How do you tell the guy that you've been talking to for 8 months that you got with his best friend over the weekend and for a while now you don't have feelings for him anymore?

You tell him just that!!! but dont be too hard on the guy. just tell him that u dont feel the same way anymore, that things changed. say u hope u can still be friends but nothiong more, at least not at the moment. but u also dont wanna lead him on thinking that he still has a chance if he doesnt. good luck

I was going out with a girl for 2 months suddenly she announces she doesnt have feelings for me anymore what can i do to change this im meeting her soon so i need to change this?

Just be yourself but try new things and be spontaneous and fun. No girl wants a boring boyfrd. if she still doesnt like you then move on cos u cant change her feelings and u will just cause urself too much pain. she doesnt deserve u!

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DO NOT CHEAT ON YOUR GIRLFRIEND! If you don't like her anymore, break up with her. Do this gently. Then after however long you guys dated, you can ask out her friend. If you went out with her for 3 weeks, wait 3 weeks to ask out her friend. If it was a year, you don't have to wait that long. Like a couple months at the most. And if your girlfriend seems like she doesn't like you very much anymore, ask her if she still likes you. (better way to end a relationship)

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