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Be honest with your girlfriend. I have a friend who has a girlfriend but he is in love with his best friend, the longer you leave it then the harder it will get because your feelings for this 'someone else' will not disappear. Depending on how long you have been with your girlfriend it is the time to think whether you will later regret your actions or have any feelings for your current girlfriend. But in this case honesty is the best policy because no girl would or should be lied to if you are in love with someone else then tell your girl!

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You don't. Some people think it will help by dating someone else to get over the person they are still in love with when in truth they are just lieing to themselves and using an innocent heart. If you still love that person then you won't think about anyone else. Just remember that you don't need someone else to make you who you are.

Get a hobby and wait 1.5 times longer than you've known her to get over it. if you haven't already found some one else by then... keep waiting. Travel, sleep with someone Else's wife/girlfriend

You can ask her alot of question like how does she really feel about you?Do she love you?What do you love/hate about me?But it really depends on how your relationship is going.Like if your in love but you think she cheating ask her question about that.But what do you think your relationship is base on.

tell him your in love with some one else and that you cant be with him tell him good bye

well i am not an expert dream reader, but i am pretty good. It probably means that you don't mind that your girlfriend was with some other guy and that you are going to break up soon.

i think if you were in love with your boyfriend you would just know... but give it some time and youll be able to tell without asking someone else

yes because why stay with someone who love some one else and rather stay with someone who loves you.

When I look up at the stars, I think of a reason I love you for every star I see, then I run out of stars.

Love is when some one and someone else love each other. :D

You can have feelings for another woman, but some people might think you are a stupid jerk! You already have kids with her! Are you really gonna leave your girlfriend and kids for another woman? Are you that selfish?

i dont think he loves you if he treats u like crap and is with some 1 else he doesnt love you, babe

is to love some one especially, when he does not love you.

Do what you want to do, break up with your girlfriend and take the other girl, or don't go out with the other. It is that simple.

Some people love to talk about someone else , when the other person is not there ,it gives them imense pleasure as that oter person is not there to defend herself.

well just try some tests like:do you still love me?r u in love with someone else?r u cheatin on me?Why u asked me out?will you go back to your ex.WRITE IN YOUR PAPER(PIECE OF PAPER)

well, if your in love with some else then its either you forget about that someone else because it's not really fair with the one your with, or ask yourself who do you love more and who do you think will love you with all their heart. (and don't make excuses like maybe the other one is closer than you, or the one your with is more popular, or that someone else is younger or older). hope i helped you!!

i will give her some gift and i will try to do something until her talk back to me . example : to give gift to her to make some party for her to speak with her always to give something which her like to make something which you think it will be good for her. but you must know some which her favorite things but don't ask her . ask somebody who know about her very well. depends on what u think of it...some people love their parents...that's natural...but loving someone else...well to means to only think of them....even if we have no gain from it...even if it will hurt us to think of whats best for them...crushes..can be selfish...but love is when you r willing to give everything 4 that 1 person

Probably some Taylor Swift or maybe 'Hello' from Glee (original by someone else). Some Beatles stuff is good too, like I Want To Hold Your Hand. Or 'Everytime', by Britney Spears.

your communication partern or her behaviour towards you.


tell him u are willing to be the girl on the side. But really if the guy has a girlfriend already why not try and like some one else.

The answer is......... YES she had a girlfriend and she is a filthy lezbionic hooker!Some people think she is a boy.

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