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What do you do if you have accidentally put petrol in diesel car?

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Copy says: If the tank was mostly filled with diesel, and the gasoline is a smaller proportion so that the engine still runs, the best remedy appears to be to buy a container of injector lubricant additive and cetane boost additive, and "overdose" it to protect the injection pump. Fill the tank completely with diesel to dilute the gasoline as much as possible, and keep driving. In the interest of protecting the engine, it would be prudent to avoid high engine speeds or high engine loads until the gasoline is sufficiently diluted.

If the tank has more gasoline than diesel fuel in it, the engine won't run on that mixture. It will be necessary to drain the tank and re-fill it with diesel. If the car was driven to the point of stalling, it will also be necessary to drain the injection pump housing and replace the fuel filter, and re-prime both of these with diesel fuel.

It depends...

Diesel is a lubricant, and the high pressure pumps used in most common rail diesel injection (CDI) engines - especially from Europe - rely on this for lubrication. Simply turning the ignition on could wash enough gasoline / petrol into the pump to destroy it - starting the engine could result in pieces of metal from the damaged pump reaching / blocking the injectors. Expect thousands of dollars in repair bills to replace the entire fuel / injection system.


If you've filled up with petrol / gasoline - DON'T turn on the ignition, DON'T start the engine - call your breakdown company and they'll arrange to have your tank drained. Inconvenient, but MUCH cheaper.

If you review the warning stories about putting petrol in diesel tanks, you will notice just a handful of reports distributed over many more websites. Everyone seems to have forgotten than petrol & diesel are products of the same distillation, but Diesel being about 10% denser than petrol. Take out the factors from supplier fuel additives which may or may not lubricate your diesel fuel pump. Engine oil or similar can be added to petrol to make diesel so with a full tank of 48 litres of petrol I needed to add 5 litres engine oil but opted for 8 litres as I didn't know the exact density of SAE10-30 engine oil. I had a HDI 2.0 common rail diesel engine with a full tank of petrol that ran like the fuel pump had died, clanking like a bat out of hell but after adding the engine oil it ran as normal & the garage couldn't even agree that I had put petrol in as there was nothing wrong.

I've read that petrol can dissolve the hardened metal of a a diesel fuel pump (Telegraph October 2011 - A Costly Mistake) but I don't think petrol can dissolve any metal and if it could diesel would likely too.

This is all conspiracy hogwash backed up by a dumbing down education system that wants to sell you old technology, because a lack of new technology is a backwash of a dumbing down education system.

If you put diesel in your petrol car well that's harder to resolve, because there isn't an easily accessible supply of kerosene...

How did I put petrol in my diesel car? Shell have recentyl re-branded their V Power Petrol & Diesel with the same red/black colours and were selling petrol in a black hose labelled just "V Power" next to a "V Power Petrol" hose. I would have to presume that Shell are now in the drain vehicle fuel business.

2012-08-22 11:51:49
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Accidentally put diesel in petrol car?

Have it drained out and change filters

What happens if you accidentally put in petrol instead of diesel?

If you put petrol in a diesel vehicle do not start the engine. Petrol will do serious damage to a diesel engine. You must drain all the petrol out and flush the fuel lines.

What do you do if you put petrol accidentally into a diesel peugeot 206?

if petrol is about 10% or less fill with diesel and carry on. otherwise remove as much as possible and fill with diesel.

Can you put a diesel turbo on a petrol car?


Is it bad to put petrol in a diesel car?

Yes, petrol/gasoline will severely damage a diesel engine.

I put 2 liters of petrol accidentally into my diesel 2002 Peugeot will it be OK?

yes, if you pump it out!

What happen if diesel put in the petrol car?

Car will run poorly if at all.

What to do if you put petrol into a diesel car?

Drain it out immediately, DO NOT run the engine.

Can you put diesel oil in a petrol car?

Some oils can be used in both petrol and diesel engines. If it states diesel oil on the container it is not recommended as some diesel oils contain detergent.

What happens if your car breaks down because you put petrol into your diesel car?

Gasoline in a Diesel vehicle will do some serious damage to the engine.

Can you put petrol in a diesel car?

No,never. if ur going to try..............pls dont.

Why is it harmful to put petrol in a car engine?

Who told you it is harmful? It is only harmful if it is a Diesel engine. If it is a petrol (gasoline) engine then Petrol is what it takes to run.

Is petrol is used in diesel cars?

No, diesel engine require diesel fuel. Put petrol in a diesel engine and you will destroy it.

Is Diesel engine oil bad for a petrol car?

Yes, never put oil formulated for a diesel in a gasoline engine.

How do you avoid to put petrol into diesel car?

You avoid it by looking carefully at the fuel pump and making darn sure you are using the diesel nozzle which is larger than a petrol nozzle.

What happens if you put fossil fuel in a car?

petrol and diesel are fossil fuels so if you put fossil fuels in your car it should run

What happens if accidentally put diesel into a petrol bike?

The petrol engine will just not run. No damage will be done. You will need to drain the tank, flush the fuel lines, and replace the fuel filter.

What do you do if you have accidentally put unleaded petrol in a diesel car?

Siphon out as much as possible and refill with deisel, keep topping up every time you use a gallon or so, I've done this twice and no damage to engine.

What happens when you put petrol in a Volvo diesel engine?

What happens is you must remove the petrol immediately. Petrol or gasoline will destroy a diesel engine.

What sort of petrol do you put in a car?

diesel or unleaded dont put in red bull!!!!!! My dads caught on fire coz my bruver put some in!!!!!

Can you still drive if you accidentally put a large amount of diesel in your petrol car?

If the engine will run you could drive it, but I would advise against it. The diesel may damage the O2 sensors and catalytic converter. Drain the tank and then fill it up with fresh gasoline. No real damage will be done with the small amount of diesel left.

What if you accidentally put diesel fuel in your car instead of petrol?

Depending on the mix (how much petrol vs how much diesel), the car will either not go at all, or may go but feel jerky. It is obviously not recommended to put ANY diesel in a petrol engine, simply because of the way a petrol engine works vs how a diesel engine works. In a petrol engine, the fuel is made to combust only with a spark, and therefore requires a much higher pressure for combustion to take place. The higher the octane of the fuel, the more pressure is needed for the fuel to combust. A diesel engine works in the opposite way, where it needs less pressure and no spark to combust. If you have accidentally put diesel in a petrol engine, don't drive the car. Drain the fuel. You may have to replace to fuel filter and the spark pugs Comment: To clarify the above logic. CAUTION!! Diesel engines have compression ratios of 15:1 or more so that PRESSURE (not spark) ignites the fuel. Petrol engines use SPARK to ignite the fuel. The high octane rating of petrol is so that it does not PRE-IGNITE (pink) under pressure. Raise the compression ratio and you need a higher octane rating, which is why some petrolheads use Avgas (130 octane) on their high performance engines. Diesel engines need HIGH pressure to operate, petrol engines can use LOWER pressure to work, but need higher octane rated fuel if the pressure rises.

Can you put diesel in to petrol engine?

Not if you want it to run.

What do you do if you accidentally put petro in a diesel car?

It depends how much petrol was put in. If it was a "full tank" draining the tank and the system would be advisable. If it was just a small amount, the mixture can be cut by adding more diesel with some motor oil mixed into it It is a common practice in times of diesel shortages to use motor oil with a small amount of gasoline added to it in place of diesel. You will have to use your own judgment as to how much diesel and/or oil to add.

What happens if you put diesel oil in a petrol car?

Putting diesel into a car made to take regular gas is a very bad idea. Diesel can really mess up a car's fuel system, resulting in the need for expensive repairs.