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What do you do if you have been cheated on four times by the same guy?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-12 13:31:02

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Stay with him if you don't have any guts. You'l be able to experience this pain over and over again. Or Leave him cold turkey, keep your emotions out of it and stay away-forever. Remind yourself that you should have woke up and left him after the 1st time.

2006-08-12 13:31:02
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What does it mean when a married man cheated with the same women 20 times?

That hes a stupid jerk that shouldn't of cheated and he obviously doesnt love his wife.

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A guy who has been cheated on before and is scared that you'll do the same. just keep re-assuring him that you wont. It's not easy overcoming finding your girlfriend cheated on you.

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You have been with the same guy off and on for almost 16yrs you have 2 kids but never been married he has a drug problem he has cheated and is verbally abusive why don't i leave?

because your a dumb female

How did WikiLink123 answer so many questions?

because he cheated, he answered the same questions 1231 times(go check his contributions). and im going to report him if i could.

What state laws prevent a woman from marrying the same man four times?

There are no such laws in the U.S. As long as the previous marriage has been legally dissolved there is nothing to prevent the couple from remarrying as many times as they choose.


not all people are the same

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If a husband forgives you after finding out you cheated does that mean he did the same?

well, not necessarily

Do you know what double-cheated-not-a-wise-man stands for?

It seems this would be a shortened version of the proverb, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." The idea, whether you agree or not, is that once a man has been cheated once, he bears some responsibility to protect himself from falling victim to the same scheme (or person) again.

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same as the rest of us..

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