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They're playing hardball with you. A collection agency buys a debt for pennies on the dollar and earns money by trying to collect on that debt. Any money they receive over the amount they paid for it is income, so some collection agencies will be very aggressive -- sometimes even illegal and intimidating -- in an attempt to collect. Play hardball back. Be adamant in explaining to them that you were working with the last agency sepcifiacally because you didn't have the money to pay the full debt. Tell them they can work out a payment plan for a portion of the money or they can accept nothing. Imply that you're already working with an attorney on filing bankruptcy. This is usually a game. They demand a sum, you counter. They make another offer. You make yet another. They want the most they can get from you; make them work for it. And know your rights. Check out the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act online.

2006-09-12 11:30:52
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I had work done on my car and have not paid it in full. The owner of shop refused a part payment and started proceedings to place lien on my vehicle. Can he do that?

Yes. He does not have to accept a partial payment.Yes. He does not have to accept a partial payment.Yes. He does not have to accept a partial payment.Yes. He does not have to accept a partial payment.

How does a merchant account payment gateway work?

In order for a business to accept credit or debit card payments on their website, they must set up a merchant account. This is a bank account specifically used to accept those types of payments. In order to accept payments, a business must have a payment gateway. A payment gateway makes it possible to securely transmit data between the business' website and their merchant account.

Can you pay partial rent to avoid eviction?

A partial payment will stop an eviction but the landlord must be willing to accept it. If they will not accept a partial payment, the eviction will proceed forward.

I've broken a partial (three teeth together) and I don't have insurance. Will anyone accept a payment plan?

Any dentist will accept a payment plan in exchange in services, you will have to talk to the finance department for available payments and other options.

How can one accept payments online?

There are many ways to accept payments online. It is possible to transfer money via Paypal, bank account and credit card. A new way of payment is paying via telephone call.

What type of bank account does merchant processing use?

A merchant processing account is an account that allows a business to accept payment from credit and debit cards. This allows payments to be processed electronically.

How do websites accept credit card payments?

Websites accept credit card payments through companies that offer payment and transactions processing services. The company processes payment, takes a fee and forwards payment to the company.

What exactly is a merchant account?

A merchant account is a type of bank account that allows businesses to accept payments by payment cards, typically debit or credit cards. A merchant account is established under an agreement between an acceptor and a merchant acquiring bank for the settlement of payment card transactions.

Can you make a payment on line for Farmers New World Life Insurance?

Most companies accept payments through their web site. Look on their bill or insurance card there should be an site listed. Go there, create an account, find the link in it to make payments, put in your bank account numbers and make the payment. Some companies will also take payments by phone.

How do you accept credit card payments?

In order to accept credit card payments from your business, you would need to open a merchant account with a credit card acceptance company. The merchant account will provide you with a solution for taking credit card payments as well as settling those transactions so that the money that you are owed can be taken from the customer and deposited into your business account. For more information on taking cards as a form of payment see these resources:

Bank can refuse payment in a dormant account?

Yes. A Dormant Account is one which is inactive for a long period of time. The bank keeps it in Dormant or Inactive status to avoid malpractice or unauthorized activity in it. In such cases, the bank will not accept any deposits or issue payments from the account. They have all the right to refuse payments on a dormant account. The customer has to reactivate his/her account before they can perform transactions in it.

If you pay just a portion of the credit card bill what will happen?

The credit card will add interest on your unpaid balance which will increase your total credit card debt. If the company cashes your check, nothing will happen. Except what is mentioned above. They often accept partial payments. If they don't take partial payments they will return your check & demand a full payment Different companies have different rules. You should contact them to find out exactly. They probably WON'T take a partial payment without charging you interest.

Which payment processor is seen as the most reliable?

There are many payment processors that are seen as a very reliable way to to accept payments. Some of the most reliable payments include Paypal and Google Check out .

What on-line stores accept checking accounts as payments?

A lot of online stores accept Paypal, you can set up an account using your checking account

Can a homeowners association place a lien on property if partial payment of dues is being made?

You can work with your association board and negotiate removal of the lien. Depending on when the lien was filed, you may be responsible for the expense related to its filing. The situation may also depend on the agreement you had with the board over paying partial payments. It is unreasonable that the board would agree to accept partial payments, then -- assuming you're making the payments -- file a lien against your title. One must also assume that your agreement with the board is in writing.

Can you negotiate with collection agencies without making a one time payment or is this the only way to make a deal with them?

Some collection agencies are authorized by their clients to make payment arrangements. Some agency actually purchase the debt and will or won't make arrangements. It is up to the individual agencies and their policies. Your best option is to contact the original creditor, explain why you fell behind, be very apologetic, and ask for payment arrangements. Legally, they are not required to accept payments once you fall delinquent. They do not even have to accept partial payments.

Which dating site accept this payment options check and bank account?


What is the purpose of an eCommerce merchant account?

An eCommerce merchant account is a payment gateway for businesses doing transactions online, primarily using credit cards. The merchant account with the credit card company, such as Visa, is what allows the business to accept credit card payments online and have them processed.

What are the limitations of Business Model of

you have to have a checking account added in order to accept payments.

You Have To Buy To Begin?

If you are one of the Americans out there who have no credit whatsoever, know that there are things that you can still purchase. Car dealers who accept payments at their dealership will approve you for a vehicle as long as you have a down payment and you can provide proof of income. This will also give your credit a boost if you make the payments on time. Furniture stores that accept monthly payments will accept customers who have no credit. Find a store that is willing to work with you on a down payment as well as payment options in order to start a credit rating.

What if collection agency won't accept payment that amount to 25 percent per month of the full debt?

By federal law and most collection agencies' policies, partial payments are not manditorily accpeted. Collection agencies are not required by law to accept anything less than payment in full. If the agency has refused 25% monthly of the full amount to be paid in full in four months, I reommend sending the payment with an explanation of this to the original creditor. Chances are your payment and arrangements will be accepted.

How do offshore merchant accounts work?

"Offshore merchant account is basically set up to enable a commercial business that accept credit card payments online. This businesses require the services of an offshore merchant account provider that would accept this payments on their behalf and then send in payments into their local bank account, also be aware that this merchants charge heavily for their services."

How can one set up a business to accept credit card payments?

In order for one's business to accept credit card payments, one needs to open up a merchant account. A merchant account can be setup either with a bank, PayPal, or an independent sales organization.

Can PayPal payments be made for non-eBay buys?

Yes, many businesses accept PayPal payment now, you need to see if they say they accept it first.

Does Amazon accept cash?

Amazon currently only accepts Credit/Debit Card payments or payment via PayPal.