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What do you do if you have tried ending your relationship but your boyfriend becomes suicidal and threatens to kill himself?

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May 24, 2006 3:29PM

It's wonderful that you would care enough to post this question and I am so sorry that both of you are going through this. It is more common than you think. Often the person mentioning suicide in these circumstances does not go through with it, but when the word "suicide" is mentioned we must pay attention and believe they will go through with it. In order for you to walk away from this with as clear a conscience as possible the best thing you can do is phone your local Mental Health in your area or seek out the advice from a Psychiatrist as to what you can do about this situation. I have no doubt that your boyfriend will absolutely refuse to see a Psychiatrist. You could see his mother (if she is approachable) and tell her about it, but unfortunately, parents are often in the dark when it comes to getting help for their adult children, or they have no control over them. She may even implore you to stay with him "for awhile" or "until he gets over this", but you have to do what you can and move on. It is obvious that you cannot stay trapped with this young man and having his threats entangle you in a relationship you don't wish to be in. Good luck Run for your life because that guy is selfish and blackmailing you. If your partner is threatening suicide then it is the first sign that they may be violent later on in the relationship. He is manipulating you. You are not responsible for his actions. Also look up borderline personality disorder. DO- tell someone that he has been threatening suicide- tell his family, tell your family (they need to know your situation for your safety), tell a doctor, tell the police. DON'T keep this a secret. He may have a mental illness and need medications to correct a chemical imbalance. ALSO: Do not pursue a future with this individual. He is using a control mechanism. Look up: Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Controlling behavior, Control mechanisms. DON'T LET HIM TRAP YOU! & KEEP YOUR SELF ESTEEM VERY HIGH!