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What do you do if you just turned 13 and you realized you are growing up and it makes you extremely sad because you don't want to grow up?

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2006-10-06 09:36:07

Our lives are like a good book and there are chapters in that

book and our lives are just like chapters. You can look at turning

13 as a bad thing, but just think what is in store for you in the

next 2 - 3 chapters and more of your life! There will be friends,

boyfriends or girlfriends, parties, learning all about life and

you'll have so many good memories, and before you know it you'll

find that right mate and end up getting married with children of

your own. From the time you are old enough to leave home you are in

control of your life and there is absolutely no rush to get

married. You can have a great career or make a dream of yours come

true. You can travel, make new friends and have the time of your

life. We all have to leave our innocence behind us, but the magic

we had as a child doesn't have to pass us by if we are careful and

hold onto it during our lifetime. For example, I still walk on the

beach and let the mud squish between my toes and I'm old enough to

be your grandmother. I throw myself into snow and make angels and

who cares if someone thinks I'm a crazy lady. I sure don't care! I

love life and I can hardly wait to start a new chapter in my life.

Life is simply what you make it!

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