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Trust and good communication are two of the most important things in a relationship and it even tops good sex. If you have neither of these two you don't have a decent relationship and it will only deteriorate. I think you know in your heart it's time to kick this guy to the curb and move on. If you stay you will always wonder. Remember, when someone loves you they don't lie, cheat or make your life miserable. Aim for the stars girl!

2006-07-24 08:35:57
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Can you get an STD if your partner is clean?

You can get an STD from someone who has one. How clean or dirty your partner is has nothing to do with STD transmission.No you can not.You can not get a STI from a clean partner.Whether your partner bathes regularly does not affect your risk of STDs. If your partner has an STD, you may get an STD.

Can you have aids if you don't use a condom but with a clean partner?

No; you can't get AIDS (HIV) from a clean partner.

Can you get an STD from your partner if she is not clean?

No; you can only get a STD if your partner is infected with one.

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Can you get chlamydia if you and your partner are clean?

You can get chlamydia from someone who is infected. The partner's cleanliness has nothing to do with it.

How do you be a responsible partner in life or girlfriend?

Learn how to clean (the dishes won't do themselves)

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Is anus licking safe?

If your partner has a clean wash before doing so, it should be fine.

What can you do to be safe to allow your partner to eat your anus?

Make sure it is 100% clean! The cleaner, the better.

Name something your partner would love for you to differently?

clean show affection dress cook

What are the basic things which you need to keep us clean?

Soap on a rope

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The basic uses of a carpet steamer is to clean carpets. To do this, vacuum the area thoroughly, fill the cleaner with hot water, add the cleaning agent, and finally clean the carpet.

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What is the difference between neat clean and tidy?

Neat, clean and tidy in basic terms are synonyms. For the specific differences between them, see the links.

Can treated Gonorrhea stay dormant in body showing clear lab test and outbreak again after 8 months with no sexual contact The outbreak happened after having sex once with a proven clean partner.?

There is no such thing as a "proven clean" partner. A negative test is reassuring, but may have been a false negative.

Which of these is the most basic preventative maintenancece technique for most computer components?

keeping them clean

How can you clean out your esophagus?

Coughing is the most basic way to clean out your esophagus if you're dealing with phlegm. Some people also gargle with salt water.

What is a false positive on a blood test for hiv?

if your partner is clean and the only needle used is for insulin which is a clean needle every time can you get hiv from this? and also what is a false positive for blood work for hiv

How do people privent HIV infection and aids?

Obviously the most logical way to prevent the contraction of HIV is to wear a condom during sexual intercourse and furthermore to make sure your partner is 100 % clean of STD's before engaging in the act. This might kill the moment of love at a sensitive time in a relationship but asking your partner and making sure your partner is clean should be a respected action. Its just plain not worth dying over.

Why is cleanliness important when it comes to your reproductive system?

1) prevents you or your partner from catching an infection 2) prevents you or your partner from catching an STD (such as herpes, etc...) 3) No clean, No Girls 4) It's just common sense

How many tattoos does ti have?

T.I. does not have any tattoos. He is clean cut. He wears dog tags for his partner, Philant and daughter that died.

What is the typical pH of most of the chemicals you use to clean?

Their pH is above 7, making them BASIC.

Can you get recurrent vaginal infections if your partner is uncircumcised?

Yes, an uncircumcised partner can be the cause of recurrent vaginal infections if he doesn't practice proper hygiene. If kept properly clean, there would be no greater risk of infection than there would be if he were circumcised.

What are some basic care tips for lawn mowers?

With a lawn mower, care is taken when you wash off unwanted dirt, clean the oil, and give it clean gas.