What do you do if you like a boy but are not sure if they like you?

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Just flirt with him and be his friend so you can get closer to him. If he doesn't make the first move then you should but give it some time on first.
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You like this boy but im not sure he likes you?

Well if he hardly talkes to you(only a little) then he pretty much likes you!! Also if he doesn't look you straight in the eyes then that a sign of him liking you. Hope i h

How do you tell a boy you like them and your not sure?

Try talking to him about things that you both have in common. Leavesmall hints that you are interested in. An example is: tell himabout this movie that you want to go to badly

How do you know you like a boy for sure?

You will know by the way he makes you feel and how you feel towards him. You will think of him often and want to spend time with him as well as miss him when he is not around.

What do you do if you like a boy and he might like you but your not sure?

you should test the waters u no hang out with him more see im was goin throught the same thing so i just went right out n asked him n he liked me back n now were going out but

How can you tell for sure if a boy likes you?

Being a male myself, I can say that he'll probably look at you abunch of times. go up and talk to him, if he looks away at times and his face blushes, then there's a strong ch

What if you like a boy and your not sure if he likes you?

Speak to him.. theres this boy and i really fancy him but i dont know if he likes me back.i act weird around him and he does the same to me.should i tell him i like him or ju

You like a boy but im not sure he likes you?

well.... you have to get to no him then be truthfull and ask him if he wonts to go on a date :) Some signs of him liking you is him not looking you straight in the eyes.
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How do you make sure a boy likes a boy?

Here are some tips . he blushes a lot . he always tries to impress you . He tries to stand out amongst his friends . He tells his friends he fancies you . Hes trying to
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What do you do when your not sure if you like this boy or not?

This always work 1st you stare at the perfect guy if he stares back he likes you if he looks down quickly and smiles that means that he likes you but don't want to show you if