What do you do if you like a girl but don't know how to say it?

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you can send them a love note or you can send them messages on facebook,twitter,bibo.youtube whatever you dont need to say it all you need to do is let them know you like them
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Does a girl like you if you have asked her out and she keeps saying she don't know?

The answer to your ? If she says she doesn't know than chances are she doesn't like you. But that doesn't mean you cant turn things around. Don't ask her out all the time. Ignore her for a few days, don't call her, don't talk to her, and when you see her the next time and she asks you about it, te ( Full Answer )

What can you say to know if a girl likes you or not?

Answer . Ask her if she likes you or not. Get used to asking this, i mean the worse thing that can happen is she says no. Yeah it is scary but sometimes it just has to be done.

What do you do if you like a girl but you don't know if they like you?

Talk to her and hang out together. Once you think you are good friends ask her if she wants to go to lunch/supper with you. If she says yes she probly thinks your pretty nice and she sort of likes you. After that ask her on a real date like going to a dance or even going to the movies but go see som ( Full Answer )

You like this girl but you don't know if she likes you?

Well,if you like that girl then you should go tell her how you feel about her.....its better to tell her now or you'll regret it later...seriously i experienced that kind of situation with one of my close friends.....he asked me he liked this one girl but he was to shy to ask her or he's not sure if ( Full Answer )

If a girl flirts with you and says she don't like you?

If she is younger than 16, that's normal. If she is older than 16, she has a big ego problem.. 1. She is a jerk or 2. She is immature. Either way I would stay away from her it will only lead to troubles for you.. answer. depends on what you mean by flirt , if she's like trying to massage you and ( Full Answer )

I like this girl who don't know me what should i do?

Follow these 3 steps: Step 1:Say that you love her Step 2: Jump off the Empire State Building Step 3: get arrested Have a good day Dont listen to that loser whos trying to get you killed. Next time you see her you should introduce yourself and get to know her. Then get her number and call her in a ( Full Answer )

I like a girl who don't know me what should i do?

At the end of the day she's not a monster.Just approach her and tell her how you feel.If you are still hesitant then try maybe walking into her (by accident) and proceed from there.TRUST ME GIRLS DONT BITE.

How do you know if girl don't like you?

They won't try and make convorsation & won't look over at you, i am a girl writing this, so i should know. If they talk to you and play with their hair etc. the like you.

I like a girl but I don't know if she likes me?

1. Tell her (or call/text) that you like her 2. Ask if there is any way that she feels the same way If she says yes... 1. Ask her out on a date, and take things slowly as you get to know each other more. If she says no... 1. Thank her for being honest, offer to be her friend and move on.

I like this girl but I don't know if she likes me?

Five Step Program : 5. She stares at you... You know a girl likes you when she stares especially if she stares at you with "the look." "The look" is when she bits her bottom lip, looks a little bite shy, and looks you strait in the eyes with a smile on her face. 4. She tells her friends to a ( Full Answer )

How a boy know about a girl that he don't like?

ok, u didnt make that question clearer enough. what a stupid question dude! I think the asker meant how does a boy know about a girl that he doesn't like. If its that, then i really have no answer, cuz he just does i guess.

What are some things to text a girl that you like and you don't know what to say?

If The Girl Doesn't Know You Like Her... Sup? Hey What's Up? If The Girl Knows You Like Her... Sup Cutie Hey Angel Hi Sexy Hey Cutie... Hope This Helps :/ -Sara- If she doesn't know you like her just have a casual conversation like heyy wats up and then as you text lo ( Full Answer )

What is do guys like that girls don't know about?

Guys like when your active and wear sexy clothing. Whenyou wear that its hard for them to break up with you and you will have a long lasting relationship. Whatever you do do not tell them your personal feelings until you rmarried.

How do you get a girl you don't know to like you?

first of all don't be such pansy and get off the computer and then get a Christmas present, all girls like fresh tomatoes. . I disagree. I'd say be upfront, and ask if she wants to go get ice cream after school. then maybe next weekend go see Iron Man 2, or Clash of the Titans (You buy tickets, sh ( Full Answer )

A girl you like is shy and you don't know what to say her cause you normally talk to out going girls what do you do?

Well what I would say to do is make her comfortable enough to open up and express her self... i was shy towards this man i am in a relationship with now.. but the reason i was shy is because, i wanted everything to be right, i didn't want to say or do the wrong thing so that was my minds reaction to ( Full Answer )

How do you get a girl if you don't know she likes you?

if you like a girl, don't act mean, it sucks when, if she does like u, your mean. just try to become friends, not really close Friend's, but friends enough to were she would open up to u. sometimes if a girl look at your sneaker she wants to she want kind of sneakers you like a lot of times they mig ( Full Answer )

What to say to a girl to know if she likes you and i like her?

Well, coming from a girl, it depends on if you like her back. If you do like her back then you should just ignore it. Don't tell her that you don't like her back because that could cause some problems. Just keep the friendship going! Also, if you know she likes you and you like her, tell her AWAY ( Full Answer )

What do I do if a girl likes me but I don't know if I like her?

what you do is think about it and if you do find what most you like about her and if you do a lot of things like her ASK HER OUT !!!!!!!!!!! Try to find out if you really like her, and if you do, tell her that. If you dont 100% know if she likes you, ask her. If she does, try to be her friend, th ( Full Answer )

What do you say when a girl has a crush on you and you don't like her?

If she asks you on a date tell her 'no, sorry, i really don't want to date right now' but if she tells you straight up that she likes you before, then say 'sorry, I don't mean to hurt your feelings, but I don't, like, love you or anything, sorry' .

What he say things on other girls things and he is a player but i don't know of he likes me and i like he if he likes me what should i do?

Most guys flirt with other girls all the time, sometimes just to make the girl they really like jealous. You should have a friend ask him what he thinks of you and a few other girls (just so it's not obvious) and try talking to him more. Act casual. Guys can tell if you're nervous while talking to t ( Full Answer )

What do you do if you don't know if you like a girl?

I suppose you would wait until you figure it out, because you don't want to get stuck in a relationship and then find out that you don't really like her. That would involve so much drama...

How do i get a girl who i don't know to like me?

If you don't know her, it's not a good idea to try anything. First step is to get to know her, then become good friends. Dont do any of these things out of order, because if you mess it up, it will ruin your love life. After that, start to tease her(but don't be mean just make her laugh) then start ( Full Answer )

What To Do If A Girl Likes You But You don't Know Her?

If A Girl likes you just tell her the truth but if you like her just go up to her and tell her 'Do You Wanna Go Out' .But if you dont like her just tell her 'I cant be Your boyfriend,but can we be friends?'

What should you say to a girl if you like them but don't know them?

Just tell her how you feel and if she doesn't like you back try and make her like you. Watch her and see the kinds of things that she likes and then talk to her about those things. Or invite her on a group date but make sure that you stand out. If none of that works move on.

How do you talk to a girl you like but you don't know her and you don't really know what to say to her?

I'm assuming this is one of those things where you have looked at this girl and started to have feelings for her, that "love at first sight" thing. Well the best thing to do is attempt to talk to her, without having the confidence to talk to her - not much is going to happen and she probably doesn't ( Full Answer )