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Did you ever mention to your friend that you like this guy? Just try to be friends with him and tell him flirty jokes.

In My "Opinion" I feel you should respect their relationship. It's going to be hard to watch your best friend date the guy you like but, if you want your best friend then you will just let this guy go and move on.


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If you don't like your girlfriend, ditch her for your best friend

Well, it depends on if you like your girlfriend, if your best friend is a girl, then trust me she should like you back.

You call him your best guy friend, but if you don't know whether he likes you or not, he's just a guy that you like a lot. If he already has a girlfriend, he likes her more than he likes you. That doesn't mean he doesn't like you. If you remain friends with him, and he doesn't remain such good friends with his girlfriend, he may decide that he wants you to be his girlfriend. Of course, by that time, you may already have another boyfriend who is better than he.

you need to tell your best friend that you do not like them that way.

Grow up, please. If you like your best friend, you don't love your girlfriend. You girlfriend cheating on you is not reason or justification for you to do it back. You didn't like being cheated on, did you? So why would you do it back? You obviously forgave her & tolerated it. If you can't, LEAVE YOUR GIRLFRIEND. Do not go out with your best friend if you're not single.

Leave them alone together. Find someone else to like.

Kindness, honesty, and being a good friend.

start thinking of her as a friend and not as a ex girlfriend. treat her as if she is your friend and try to get comfortable around her as a friend.

Not Necessarily. i hang around with my best friend Girlfriend more than him and i don't like her, but it could be different for other people, a bit of jealousy is healthy.

ask anyone if they do and then you could ask the person whos girlfriend you like what they would do if they knew

If you like him then get a boyfriend and get him jealous

Well, nothing because I'm sure that your crush already has a crush on your best friend because, if she already has been texting him and already got their phone numbers then yea it may be possible.

if your girlfriend AND your best friend turned on you- wow- that must hurt

that's not a question! you like your ex girlfriend who is dating your bestfriend. you already had her let her go! she wasn't meant for you and girls come and go! just like boys come and go! you will find someone way better than her any ways! just be a friend until then!

what i gave to my friend is a free salon day .. we like everything about fashion .. just do something that your friend like

Yeah I have a similar problem to that. You need to decide who you love more, your girlfriend or your girlfriends best friend. It's your choice what you do, but if I'm honest, if I were you, I'd stay with your girlfriend, and tell her best friend that you love your girlfriend, because it's not worth it to dump her for her best friend. It's not a nice thing to do either :)

Well, considering that he is your best friend then you have an obligation to tell him. That is what best friends do. if you like the girl and she likes you, then ask your friend if he would be offended or hurt if you two were together.

If your best friend is straight, then you don't. If you do ask your straight best friend to be your girlfriend, it will most certainly mess with your friendship. If she is straight, she will never like you the way you like her, no matter how much you may want her to. It may even scare her away, & then you will not even have her as a friend. So, if you'd like to keep your friendship, it is best if you do not even let her know that you like her in that way. Asking her to be your girlfriend would be your worst choice. If she is not straight & you think she may like you, then just wait til the right moment & ask her if she'll go out with you (as more than a friend).

Be careful. If your best friend already has a girlfriend, but he's hitting on you, this could be a sign that he simply likes to flirt. However, he may truly like you and may wish to dump his girlfriend to get with you. But, again, be careful because if he does find it easy to dump her to be with you, he may find it easy someday in the future to dump you and get with someone else. I'm always wary of guys with girlfriends who flirt with other girls simply because it truly says something about who they are as a person.

If you like him enough, ask him. If you are just interested, get a friend to ask one of his friends if he has one.

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