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A girl should never ask a guy out the guyshould always ask the girl just wait till the guy Aks you out.

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Ask him out!if you dont ask him out you will never know if he likes you or not.And if he doesnt like you get over it you dont have to sit around all day pouting there are plenty of fishes out in the sea.go for it!

Be bold and ask him out on a date. Do something fun!

Dont do that!!! You Dont know the guy that's why he is the new boy!! Get to know him talk to him!!! Then if you see that he is a great guy go for it ask him!!! I wish you well!!

You shouldn't want to go out with a guy you don't know. At least not by yourself. IF you know one of his friends you should make plans with them to go out and have them invite the guy you like. That way you are able to talk to him and get to know him more and maybe get him to ask you out.

you should if you like him that much...ask him to the formal and see how it goes...dont be afraid to ask a guy something.

Just act like he is a gal pal but dont ask him to go shoping with you because that freaks them out.

Ask him yourself, its a bit scarey doing that, or you could get a friend to ask him for you. it worled for me ask him if he likes you and if he says " i dont know" that usually means yes and if he does then you tell him that you like him too.

ask him out dont be shy it worked for me -keep confident, look UNREACHABLE, you've gotim!!

Well depends if the the guy likes you if you dont know that then ask one of his buddies if he does and you think he is the dating type of guy then ask him yourself

by paring up with them on a project and talk to him about talking over the phone about it then you' ll get his #.and if he ask for yours you know he likes you just dont ask him out

They dont like it when you ask too many questions and they dont like clinging.

Ask him yourself. Just try asking him out if you like him back and see what happens

1,ask your friends to drop a hint to him 2,tell him directly

well i think he will be ready when he feels comfrotable around you and dont push him into it be easy ask him but dont be creepy hope you have a great kiss i need help myself i really like this guy but i dont know if he likes me back

Dont ask him out tell him how you feel (: Dont ask him out tell him how you feel (:

Become friends then ask him/her out ,just take things slow when you want to ask someone out ! dont rush them if they dont know you .By Kylee BrooksYou can ask a guy out by simply telling him you would love to go out with him.

first if you know the guy start out on a casual conversation then ask him if he likes you if he says yes then ask him out!! if he says no dont worry there are other fish in the sea.

he will start to flirt with you and constantly look at you if you smile back he will think you like him and make a move, if you ignore him he will try to ask you out but will think you dont like him and will say no.

You dont you get him to ask you out hes the guy!!!!!!!!

If you don't know you like a guy, it means that you just don't like him or you just friends. If you like him you should know.

if its a guy you like then see if he likes you first. If he does the next thing you do is see if he has a date and if he dosent ask him dont be shy to ask him.

you smile at him and see what he does if he acts all flirty then yey but if he doesnt then sorry

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