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What do you do if you lose something under the seat in your car?


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2010-03-06 18:26:40
2010-03-06 18:26:40

Its gone for ever, I am not sticking my hand in there.

Seriously though it is relatively easy to remove the seat from the car if you need to to retrieve something.


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anything, providing its small enough to fit under the seat.

If you have lost something in the back seat like under it, i would the best thing is to remove the back seat first. The bolts of the back seat are can be found around under the cushioned area or sometimes in the boot.

Well, if you are a nice clean person who has a nice car you might drop a pen or pencil mabey under your seat. If you are a nasty dirty person who has a messy car there might be food, bottles, cds, or track dirt under it.

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No. Seat belts are not connected to the engine or power train.

Under the passenger's seat for a right-hand drive car, or under the driver's seat for a left-hand drive car.

Oh boy, I've found lots of stuff under my car seat before. Pens, lighters, coins and my personal favorite, french fries. LOL*

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Your child must be at least 60lbs to not be in a car seat and 70 pounds to be in the front seat. under age 7,must be in car seat

car seat wont move forward. First examine under the seat for stuff that doesn't belong under there that could be jambing up the works. If all is clear, you may have to unbolt the seat, remove the seat from the car then turn the seat up side down to determine the cause.

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Yes they should. A car seat or something would be best.

Under the seat,almost at the end of the track...

something might be lose under the hood u might want to get that checked out there could be something wrong with ur car how good is its condition

I think it is under the back seat. My car had a problem and the petrol was cut off and the breakdown bloke said it also affected the crank sensor. I am sure the garage said they did something under the back seat.

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