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If you lose to the dude with the Shadow Zangoose you can still get that Zangoose by beating the game [you'll also find Moltres, Articuno, Zapdos, and Lugia] and searching for Miror B.He'll be at the Realgam Tower or at the battle place in the city with the news repoters and he'll have random Shadow Pokemon there and will have Zangoose with him sometimes if you haven't caught him and any other Shadow Pokemon you failed to get.

Edit: You will have to battle him again, train at Mt Battle to help you.

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Q: What do you do if you lose to the guy with the shadow Zangoose in Pokemon XD?
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How do you get shadow Lugia?

In Pokemon Xd you have to capture the bad greed guy's Shadow lugia at the island

Can you re catch shadow Pokemon on Pokemon Colosseum?

Yeah, Miror B (the disco guy with the Pokeball afro) will have shadow Pokemon that you failed to catch, you can fight him during the main storyline, or in The Under colosseum.

How do you get shadow lugia in Pokemon XD gale of darkness?

You get him from the last guy you fight in the story.

How do you get togetic in Pokemon Colosseum?

Purify all the shadow Pokemon then a guy posing as you will appear at the outskirt stand snag togetic from him then defeat him.

Who are Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal?

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How many shadow Pokemon?

on Pokemon clolseum there are 49 shadow Pokemon if you catch all 49 shadow Pokemon and purify them all and in battle mode if you beat the mt.battle(not in story mode) you have to beat mt battle and the guy on the 100 floor will give you ho-oh I'm not kidding quess how i got my ho-oh on emerald (Pokemon masta rulez!)

Fainted shadow Pokemon on Pokemon XD go where?

They disappear unless they are from a guy you'll see throughout the game and battle or Miror B will have possession of them.

In Pokemon XD how do you get a shadow Pokemon you knocked out twice?

It should run away again and then eventually the guy w/ the afro will get it back again.Battle him and catch the PKMN.

Where do you find ice Pokemon in Pokemon XD gale of darkness?

Well actually it just depends what type the shadow Pokemon is. For example i think in the mayors house at Phenac city there is a lady with a shadow Snorunt. Of course you also get A spheal which is part ice from the guy in the blue outfit.

What is the code shadow guy and gamma gal heroes unite on club penguin?

shadow guy

What happens when the Suicune guy beats you on pokemon crystal?

Losing to Eusine results in you whiting out, as what happens when you lose a normal trainer/gym leader battle. You're returned to the last Pokemon Center and lose half of your money.

How do you catch a shadow Pokemon you missed in Pokemon XD?

At some point in the game you will meet a weird disco guy that you have to battle. After you defeat him you get a tracker that tracks him. Whenever it alarms you you have to see where he is (usually in a colosseum) and you will have to battle the four trainers. One of the four trainers will be him, and he will have the shadow Pokemon that hasn't been caught, and you can steal it back.

If you had a specific set of Pokemon in Pokemon XD gale of darkness what would it be and why?

I always try to have psychic, fire, water, flying and two other important ones; I've recently started to notice normal Pokemon are very good. I believe on XD my team is an Espeon, Electrabuzz (traded from the guy with the Togetic, not the shadow one), Altaria, Rapidash, Zangoose and Sharpedo, though i would probably recommend not using Sharpedo and it hasn't got the best defense. I try to go for Pokemon i like instead of those with the best stats so it's down to the player at the end of the day =]

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