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Realize the relationship for what it is. One sided. He doesnt have to have the same feelings as you and if he doesnt you need to be mature about it and reposition yourself in his life. Let this person know that you understand that they dont feel the same way heartwise but you would like to maintain a friendship and keep it on that level, dont expect something from him that his in not willing nor interested in giving.

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How do i get myexboyfriend back when he dont love me and wants to be friends?

give it up and move on. if you keep persisting he won't want to be your friend and you'll lose him forever.

What do you do if you fall in love with your best friend's girlfriend?

U dont do anything, because you will lose your friend if you do.

How do you love a girl who dont love you?

Answer You are free to love anyone you want. That person doesn't have to love you back, move on friend, it ain't gonna work.

What do you do if you love someone but you don't know if they love you back?

Tell them. You've got nothing to lose. And if it's one of those people that you could lose as a friend because of it, then they aren't worth loving.

When the person you love does not love you back and your best friend and him text and like each other what do you do?

You have to SUPPORT your FRIEND, you may 'love' him but if the feelings aren't mutual then please dont waste your valuable time. It will be worth it in the end (:

Should you stay with your boyfriend even if you lose your best friend?

I would because if you lose your best friend it does not mean you don't love your boy friend anymore.

How to get a best friend to love you?

Don't try. You won't succeed, and you'll lose your friend.

What if you love your boyfriend but also you love their best friend but you dont think his best friend loves you back?

You should wait til your boy friends friend is single put the moves on him and if that doesnt work then make sure he doesn't tell your boy friend or there will be trouble.

Me and my boyfriend where going out for only 2 months when he told me that he loved me and im only 12 i was walking away and then he said he love me and my friend spun told me 2 say i love you?

Ok heres the thing. Do you really love him? If you do, say it back to him. But if you dont then dont say it. Only tell him if you really do love him. The word love is getting misused a lot these days. Ask your self if you love him, dont say it because you friend told you to.

What should you do if your friends love the person you hate?

If you love your friend you will make sacrifices . If they are important to you , and if the person likes your friend back you should put aside your differences with that person. if you dont do this , you will jepordize your friendship , and you may hurt them.

What should i do when i dont want to lose somebody who loves me but i dont love him?

If you don't want to lose someone who loves you, but you don't love them you should be honest about your feelings. You can still have someone in your life without being in love with them.

When do you tell a girl whos your friend that you love her?

you dont!

You have been sleeping with your friend for over a year now he has never said he has feelings for you you finish university soon Should you tell him that you love him?

no because he probly dont love you back

What should you do if you like a friend and they keep saying they love you but you dont think its love love?

you tell them the truth

What happens if you fall in love with your best friend?

Then follow your heart. And if he/she doesn't love you back don't ruin your friendship :) Because if you do then you lose a best friend... and a crush. So make sure you get to know that person more and more each day ^_^ and goodluck!

How do you make your ten year old friend say she likes you?

Just say I love you to her and if she dose not say it back then she dose not like you. You cant change that if she dont love you walk away

What if they dont love you back?

Answer Unfortunately this happens sometimes. You have to move on. There is someone else out there for you who will love you back.

Should you tell your best friend how you like him?

Of course but be careful. Don't lose a best friend because you love them

What do you do if you said something that upset you boyfriend and you don't want to lose him because you really love him?

you explain to him how sorry you are and how much you love and dont wanna lose him and he special

How can you say this to your friend that you love her if i say that i love her he will just said i love you but only as a friend i dont want to destroy our friendship because of this. help please?

maybe you could say: i love you more than just a friend (if you do)

Will pebbles kill your hermit crab?

No they dont my friend has pebbles and they love it

What can you do if you love someone a lot and they dont love you back?

if your asking wiki answers than you dont have much hope

What should you do when a guy says i love you?

Say "I love you" back if you love him. If you don't say, "I love you as a friend."

Can you give me some advice about how will i tell my shoolmate that i love her?

step 1. make sure she love you, you dont want to lose her as a friend step 2. say to your friend to ask her to go out with you step 3. give her some time to think about and if she says yes you got your self a girl goodluck

What can you do if you still love your ex and your ex has a girl friend?

Maybe you should try to forget him,if he had a girlfriend that means he dont love you anymore( I think)..but if you think that he still love you just fight for him,take him back..whatever you will do good luck..